Skid Steers & Ruts

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    Lanelle hit it right on the head! To make the thing productive, you have to have most of the attachments, or some, and that could put you over the fence right there. I agree about the trailer, it's almost a must but they want an arm and a leg for it as well! I'd save my peanuts and wait a couple more years and get a 753 or 763 to do mulch. Then if you got a bigger job, you could rent the attachments and you'd get more use out of it.
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    We have decided to purchase a 222 Dingo. I'm taking delivery next week. Our cost will be aprox. $21,000.

    Our attachment list:
    Standard Bucket
    Light Material Bucket
    High Torque Power Auger
    18" and 30" Auger
    Carry-All Leveler
    Multi Purpose Tool
    Soil Cultivater

    Our salesmen has been great. He told me if I need a trencher or different size auger for a day he'll drop it off at no charge. We can rent the backhoe if needed and some of the other attachments can be rented also.

    I figure for the $475/mo. payment the Dingo will pay for itself.
    It will have to work 16 hrs per month @ $50 per hr during the working season to break even after that its all profit (minus overhead).

    I feel its a good machine for the company that does most of its work by wheelbarrow and shovel.

    If it is wet in the spring we still plan to use wheelbarrows to mulch beds. We'll load the wheelbarrows with the Dingo.
    The one thing I still like about wheelbarrows is the fact that you can get right into the shrub bed and sneak thru most shrubs since you only have one wheel.

    If anyone is considering purchasing a dingo put the pencil to paper and make sure it cash flows and will be profitable with the amount of business you do now. Then look at what other jobs both number and size that you can take on because you have a more efficient way to accomplish the job.

    It's would be no different than mowing lawns with a 21" mower versus a 44" mower. When I looked at getting into the mowing business buying our 48" was a no brainer I wouldn't have attempted it with a 21" because time is money and the more you can get done in an hour or day, makes you more competetive and profitable. Labor is Expensive Tools are Cheap.

    I think I've rambled on enough. Have a good one!

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