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  1. paponte

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    I have been using skid steers for years now, and have been thinking of picking up a tractor. Wanted to hear from you tractor owners some pros & cons of tractors over steers as far as grading was concerned. Does a grader box, rake etc. work that much better than using a skid steer? What about for rip outs? Thanks for the input. :confused:
  2. stevelsc1

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    You need both in this industry, I have a massey with a grading box and a bobcat. I use them both in most jobs.

    Steve from longsland NY your neighbor
  3. pjslawncare/landscap

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    I have a Massey compact as I do a lot of bush-hogging as well as grading/gilling and such. I'm figuring on getting an older skid steer this year however. I would think skid steers would work faster and would be better in tight spots.
  4. KenH

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    Hey Paps----- What type of body is that on your truck in your sig?? Is it the Rugby "landscape body"??

  5. kris

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    Our tractors rarely get used. We do 98% residential ... Someone doing more commercial work may use them more?
    Ours do not have the speed, maneuverability or power of our skidsteers.
  6. paul

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    Tractors vs Skid steers it depends on the type of work that you do (size and volume)

    We do a few acres a year of seeding and soding, some things we have found that laser grading of ball fields is faster with tractors than skid steers, reducing labor is a big factor in bidding public woks jobs. Skid steers are faster in tight areas, unloading plants and moving pallets. We buy tractor with out loaders, we find them easier to grade with and don't have a problem with the loader interfering with the laser.

    We do find them we need them both. We have skid loaders ranging from 50 hp to 90 hp and tractors from 30 hp to 325 hp.
  7. paponte

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    Yeah I thought a tractor would be much slower, but I see a couple of guys around here with them. Just wanted to know if there was a major advantage to having one, if that grader box really was all that. I love my bobcat, I use it for EVERYTHING. I do both residential & commercial so a skid steer is the versitile machine I guess. Thanks for the input.

    And hello to my neighbor... stevelsc1
    KenH, it's a 14' grain body, made by a local company... Reading
  8. Scag48

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    It really does depend on what kind of job you're doing. A skid steer will bury a tractor when moving gravel or moving dirt. Tight places are also another advantage for skid steers. More attachments are readily available and are faster to change with a skid steer. Tractors will always rule on the larger scale seeding and laser jobs, as Paul mentioned.

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