Skid Steers What Have You personally Owned?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by YellowDogSVC, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. YellowDogSVC

    YellowDogSVC LawnSite Gold Member
    from TX
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    For this thread, what Skid Steers have you progressively owned or leased and what did you use them for?

    1997 Bobcat 863c open cab low flow
    2001 Bobcat 773g cab and a/c high flow
    2002 Bobcat 863g cab and a/c high flow
    2003 Bobcat s250g open cab high flow advanced hand controls replaced
    863c control and started grinding more
    2004 S300g cab and a/c high flow for grinding
    2006 s300k cab and a/c high flow for grinding
    2007 s300k (2nd machine replaced g series s300) with cab and a/c for grinding
    2008 Cat 272c with cab and xps for grinding

    I do a mix of shearing, grapple work, grinding, and occasionally driveways or limited dirt work
  2. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    97 NH Lx665 bare bones
    01 NH Ls170 bare bones
    03 Polaris ASL300 bare bones
    05 Case 440 pimped out
    (03 Case 70Xt bare bones w/VTS - coming)

    Dirtwork, landscaping, snow plowing
  3. grassmanvt

    grassmanvt LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'll play along: cat 236, deere 240, daewoo 601, daewoo 801, case 1838, case 40xt, ........hopefully a track loader soon. Never had one, think it would work nice with a harley rake on these nasty Vt hills.
    Misc landscape work, snow work, yard loaders, misc tasks. A couple were just spares that were quickly resold.
  4. YellowDogSVC

    YellowDogSVC LawnSite Gold Member
    from TX
    Messages: 3,791

    You've about tried them all! Have you looked at a toolcat for snow work?
  5. YellowDogSVC

    YellowDogSVC LawnSite Gold Member
    from TX
    Messages: 3,791

    Sounds like a good mix. I've looked at VTS but thought the extra weight would be tough on the machine.
  6. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
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    We tried a Toolcat acouple years back. It was the first storm of the year and the skid was not ready so we rented a Toolcat for the storm. We had a Snowwolf plow with the wings, it was 10' of plow. The Toolcat had almost 2000 hours on it and was not in the best shape but they wouldn't rent out their new one. It had to work real hard as the snow was wet and heavy. I ran it for acouple hours and one of the guys ran it, a new one with more power would be sweet (and not smell like a barn). On a 1-2" snow it would work nice, the four wheel steer worked great, real good visibility.
  7. stuvecorp

    stuvecorp LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,246

    Starting out I got a package deal with the 665, forks, auger and Gruett tilt trailer, I wanted a 90XT but couldn't quite afford it. I was happy with the NH's but I was going after more dirt work and needed to get a bigger machine and Case came out with the two speed in the smaller frame machines.

    I have wanted the VTS since seeing it come out, we use to do alot of snow plowing and didn't want to put hours on a rubber track machine. I just never seemed to have enough free money to get a good deal on a used VTS and the list on a new VTS is painful. With the 70XT and VTS should be right at the 10,000 pounds. I am concerned some about axles and the VTS, we will see. I am sad to not have two speed and air with this 70XT.
  8. ksss

    ksss LawnSite Fanatic
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    610 BC
    6- 1840s from 1994 model to 2001
    1-1999 85XT
    1-2000 95xt
    1-2003 95xt
    1-2003 70XT
    1-2006 440
    1-2007 465
    (I thought I was on skid steer 16 when I actually counted them it is 12 cases machine and one used BC)

    Excavating and landscaping. The yards out here are usually a 1 acre min. and larger. The majority require multi semi loads of topsoil. This is were I started, we have since morphed into demo and residential and smaller commercial excavation. I needed machines capable of moving a lot of material which is why since 1999 I started buying bigger machines. I found that having one big machine and one smaller machine gave me the max. amount of flexibility.
  9. grassmanvt

    grassmanvt LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 906

    Yeah I've tried a bunch. Never have used a toolcat, they aren't very popular around here. I use the skid mostly to load snow rather than push as trucks usually make more sense in my situation. So, other than another neat toy I don't know if a toolcat would be that helpful. But, I have thought about trying to put together a route of densely packed drives were something like a toolcat with a blower would shine but, thats only been a lightly pondered thought as of yet. My next compact piece will most likely be a track loader as that would be handy in the summer. I am currently considering an asv 60 thats on e-bay.
  10. BrandonV

    BrandonV LawnSite Platinum Member
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    do you think they'll ever come out w/ a bigger toolcat? we love the one we have at the nursery but it need a bit more capacity to routinely haul our larger sized tree around. we thinking of getting a new wheel loader just for our 50" stuff but if bobcat would step up I'd love to have another toolcat.

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