Skid vs. Dozer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by stuvecorp, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. stuvecorp

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    This week I have been running a Lull for a mason on a commercial cold storage project and was watching the excavator spread base course with a D5 dozer, they had 4-5 quads hauling but thought I could have easily kept up with the 70XT. Has anyone ever read or witnessed a skid vs dozer comparison? Something that would compare purchase price, maintenance and production between the two? It was something I was wondering as I was shivering away the day.
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    they are two different my opinion it would be silly to even compare the two. Sure there are applications where that D5 isn't needed, i probably could have had the same productivity with our little CASE 550G, but try and push heavy all day or do an efficient and good final grade and theres no doubt dozer is the way to go
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    I agree your trying to compare a machine that is designed to push and one that is designed to scoop and carry. If you don't have a dozer which 95% of the contractors where I'am then a skid steer or backhoe is used.
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    Even a D3 will bury a skid steer spreading material. I can knock down and rough grade a 10 yard load with a D3 in about 2 minutes. I've yet to come close to that with a skid steer, even a large skid with a big bucket. It's hard to fairly compare the two, the dozer was designed to push and a skid was not, even a CTL/MTL doesn't come close.
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    Your right,

    We finally made the decision to buy a dozer this summer. Before we did everything with out takeuchi 150 skid steer. This machine did things that a dozer should have been doing but that's what we had and that's why we used it. After using the dozer now I mush rather work at a slower place and do a good job than to run the skid steer wide open to keep up with the trucks and kill myself in the process. Plus hte dozer sure does ride smoother, the radio also help pass the time by better. lol
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    Those new D39's are pretty sweet. I got stuck on an older D37 this summer from time to time, I wasn't complaining though, dozer experience is dozer experience. As soon as I started running the 6R with a 6 way blade, I didn't want that 37 back.
  7. stuvecorp

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    It was a small D5, don't remember the letter but was fairly new. He would knock the pile down and then sit, the trucks were taking about 30-45 minutes per cycle. I realize they are two diffenent machines but we aren't talking huge jobs, they hauled in maybe 250-300 yards of base on the day.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    Maybe the company doesn't own a skid steer ?

    That same job here a backhoe would be used or a excavator would spread it.

    To own a small dozer you would have to have alot of work to justify it.
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  10. ksss

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    Actually I do that frequently with the 465. I can lay out 10-12 yard loads in just a couple minutes. I agree that a small dozer is better suited for serious push jobs, but what allows for that productivity is weight and traction. The hp ratings are not much different. The 3000 plus ROC machines which weigh around 9-10K have that kind of weight for a lot applications. Again I am not saying these machines can replace a small dozer for all applications, just that they do well in some of them.

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