Skidsteer and Trailer it a decent price.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtMerchant, Mar 2, 2010.

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    I wouldn't necessarily say that the seller is being dishonest. He may be one of several people who have owned it and was misled by the guy before him. The 2-speed is kinda blatant though, since it wasn't (and still isn't) available in that size skid steer.

    If the unit were what the owner says it is, I could get around $12k out of it here.

    You're going to have to judge by condition and driving it. Average hours would probably be around 3000, so use that as a baseline to work off of. With that many hours $9-10k would be more accurate. Your region may differ. Look at similar listings in your area on MachineryTrader to get an idea of what is typical.
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    You will find a lot of know it alls on here bashing other brands. I own 2 Deere's and love them just fine! I has everything to do with the right machine for the application, then dealer support over brand.

    A lot of people run the Bobcats, just as a lot of people run exmark. It doesn't make them better! You most important thing to look at is, will it work for the job it has to do! Do your homework, and then visit the local dealers to you!

    And definately check with people on here to give you inside info on a particular piece of equipment. These can be very costly mistakes!
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    Of the 5 or so JD skidsteers of that vintage I've sold...they've all had their hour meters replaced on them. I'd base the hours on condition with my gut saying 2500-3000k hours are probably on it.

    I'd say the machine is worth $7500-$8500 and the trailer is worth $1500-$2500. Might be a decent deal.
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    what is an exmark?:rolleyes:
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    He didnt just compare mowers to equipment, did he? :nono:
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    An exmark is a mower and yes Jr. yes I think he did...:confused:
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    He also brought up a year old thread...
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    My thoughts exactly.:weightlifter:
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    He should be banned..

    speaking of JD skidsteers, where's picasso and his sideways 332. :cool2: :laugh:

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