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I wrote the post concerning skidsteers below and I want to thank everyone for their input. I have narrowed my choices down to a Gehl and New Holland. (Both have local dealers here and have promised an onsite demo of each) What is a good rate to charge for skidsteer work? I know there is a lot of variables, but lets assume that I'm doing a finish grade on a new house. Would really like to hear what others charge for various jobs as well! Thanks, James


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I bid projects by the project, and not by the hour, but I've heard some using $75 per hour for skid steer and operator as a base. I usually like to cross-check my bids on projects that way, too. Another way to look at it is how much time it's saving somebody. For example, last fall I charged a residential customer $200, and it only took me 15 minutes of skid steer work (I moved 6 pallets of brick from his front yard to his back yard). $200 sounds like a lot, but to do it by hand with a wheelbarrel would take at least 6 hours for the usual DIY'er (not to mention the backaches for the next 3 days). Or, to rent a skid steer of that size for half a day, plus a trailer rental to get it there, plus all the other headaches that go with a rental of unfamiliar equipment, $200 was worth it. I was there at 8am and was pulling away by 8:20. Easy money.


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I always like the &quot;what the rental center would charge&quot; pricing too. Though not always practical, its a good start. <p>Usually, for a full day, its around 250 to rent one. If you have attachments, backhoe, sweeper, rockhound, etc., that can go up about 100. Next, figure in trucking, then figure in the cost of a operator for the day.<p>600 or so a day with operator is a good figure when you think about it this way. <p>steveair<br>


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if aomeone wants to hire my machine and operator they get charged 85 per hr and min 5 hrs plus cartage. Why put a truck and trailer on the road and not get paid for it.<br>I can make more money with my machines doing my work than if someone is tring to have me do a T&M job. Make money with it don't charge them for time chage them for the job.<p>----------<br>paul<br>

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