Skidsteer radios?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by rob1325, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. rob1325

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    I have a Cat 262 and would like to know if any of you guys ever put a radio in one? If so how did you set it up? I did not check yet but will ask Cat if they make one for there machines or if anyone would know. My guys complain about it when they use it when it snows for long periods. I told them to get headphones, but they said cant' hear whats going on around them or machine.

  2. Dirty Water

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    Guaranteed cheaper than having Cat install one :)
  3. Gravel Rat

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    If its your own machine and you run it yourself everyday maybe looking at Sirrus radio. If not any marinized am/fm radio designed for boats will work they are designed for all weather.
  4. SinjonAssociates

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    If I am on the machine for a while I use my Ipod with a set of old sony headphones- took off the over the head piece- stuffed into a set of AO hearing protectors. It blocks out much of the engine noise so that I can hear the music clearly but I still have the ability to "feel" what is going on with the machine.
  5. dozerman21

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    I wear E-A-R brand earplugs to drown out the engine and machine noise. They work very well. I have a Heavy Duty Systems Stereo by AudioVox that sounds pretty good. It is a digital AM/FM Stereo with a weather band. It has a wired illuminated face that is separate from the amp and two speakers, and it has a wired outside antenna. The separate face lets you mount the control pad close to your reach without taking up very much space. I've had two of these and they withstand shock and dust very well. I'd highly recommend one. They were both offered by the dealer (Bobcat and Deere). I think they're somewhere around $400, but you could probably find them cheaper if you don't go through the dealer. I'd try to find one on Ebay. They aren't too complicated to install. You could do it yourself and save some bucks if you wanted to screw with it.
  6. TXTom

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    I installed one of the Sirius Sportster bases in my Bobcat. I use the receiver from my truck and listen to the satellite broadcast on a cheap fm headphone receiver. I wear a set of large AO safety earmuffs. The setup works well and satellite radio is the only listening option at our Ranch. I typically won't use the radio if I am doing lots of digging or lifting, but it works well when I am just clearing road debris or other "driving" activities. My Bobcat has the enclosed cab. I doubt this setup would work well on an open cab loader.

  7. RockSet N' Grade

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    I installed a Jensen mcd 6115 marine grade am/fm/cd player in my track-hoe with weather band for $200. Bought it online at I can wash the machine out with a hose and it has held up pretty well even though it gets splashed by soft drinks, coffee, and the regular interior cab wash.
  8. rob1325

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    Thanks for the replys. WE had a Jenson portable weather radio in it, though it would jump around all over the place in the cab and reception was bad. Going to look at the sites you guys recommended.

    Thanks Again
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