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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by houstoncallihan, Jun 13, 2006.

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    All you skid steer guys, what all do you get into and what do you get into the most? Where's the best money at? I'm currently doing skidsteer work on the side with some of our rental equipment (I run an equipment rental store.) but I'm looking to purchase my own equipment. I've also got a 16x7x5' 14k dump trailer to haul it / debris on. A good friend does land clearing and I know it's quite an investment to get a skidsteer/attachments for land clearing but it is indeed good money. Any advice or input would be great.

    Also, any tips for getting in good with contractors/companies to get bigger jobs? I've got a few hundred 18x24 vinyl signs coming advertising SKIDSTEER WORK & SAND REMOVAL but I'd like to score a few bigger jobs if at all possible. Providing additional skidsteers/operators isn't an issue or even mini-excavators for footers, utilities, etc.

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    i manly prep lawns with mine but i also do a lot of concrete prep also
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    Just a thought on the signs. You may be limiting yourself with the phrase "skidsteer work". Most people won't know what one is or what it does. I think you're better off listing some services you offer such as "land clearing"
    "landscape prep" "Stump grinding" etc. People would be more apt to recognize something they need done and give you a call. My 2 cents anyway.
  4. houstoncallihan

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    Yeah, good idea, kinda a coincidence though because there was a problem with the original sign order and I ended up changing the sign around to say:

    (111) 111-1111

    I think that will suit me a little better.

    Anything else you guys got on your mind?
  5. Mike33

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    Been in the ex and landscaping for 10 years. I advt. bobcat, backhoe work. We have done some un real things with a bobcat over the years.

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