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  1. dmk395

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    I am trying to decide if I should buy one. I have never used one, but realize with one I could drum up more business...most will say why not rent? Need to practice before I get out there is my response. I realize by having one of these machines would allow me to further expand my services, nonetheless when did those of you decide to purchase one?
  2. PAPS

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    i bought my skidsteer when I had enough work at the point where i would work the machine pretty much everyday. I dont see justification in purchasing a new skidtsteer and having a $400-700 a month payment if your only using the machine 1-2 times a week...

    - i f i were you... I would rent one a few times and try it out before you go out and drop some serious coin on a new one.
  3. dmk395

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    I think you are right, I wouldnt buy new either way, but figure I can rent one for the day for 250, give it a shot.
  4. At $250 a day and using the sucker 4 different weeks that is $1000 a month, payment is $600 then you come out a head.

    That is why I am buying one.

    Plus I need it to load bulk salt, bulk mulch, and move stuff around.
  5. JML

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    Lawngodfather that is the same reason we bought ours, renting 5 or 6 times a month at $200 a pop, the monthy payment on ours brand new was only $600 a month and we didn't put that much down. But it was worth buying it because we can use it anytime we want. We always had jobs where we could have used one, but didn't need it for a day, so we save a lot of money and get jobs done faster...
  6. dmk395

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    I rented a bobcat 773 today. It was fun to use in the yard, moving piles of grass, old mulch, rocks etc......i couldn't believe how easy they tip! The foot controls felt weird, the machine was decent although I was expecting a bit more. I don't have enough business yet to purchase one, but needed to do some things in the yard. Are there better machines out there than the 773? I have zero exp with these machines
  7. MLI

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    usually mean more money.......I like the 800 series Bobcat myself.....once in awhile we use Cat's..I like them too!
  8. AztlanLC

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    Last year I tought about buying one, but decided not to because I tought I didn't have that many work to justify it.

    It's almost the end of the year and I'm buying one next week, Cat 226, Why? because I've spent $5000.00 in renting just for this year, about 5 times alone (only bucket) and 8 times with attachment (harley rake and buckle).

    If you have the money I'd say buy it cause you don't really know how many times you're going to use it, after you have you'll find thousand ways to use it.
  9. paul

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    At what point does it justify buying a machine? AztlanLC says he used a machine 13 times this year for a cost of $5000 or $49 per hr of use (5000/13x 8 or 104 hrs), Now if he buys that same machine and uses it the same amount of time he'll pay closer to $70 per hour of use. I use 200 hrs as a break even point but my machines see closer to 500 to 600 hrs per year. One thing most have forgotten is maintance on the machine skid steers are not cheap on the up keep side. Fluid changes, fliters, grease, fuel, tires...... are not free with a machine. Even if you don't use it that much you still need to service the equipment on a regular interval.
  10. AztlanLC

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    Even tought I only pay $5000.00 this year I could've spend double that amount, because there were a lot of small jobs I could've used, next year I'll have mulch deliver to my place for about half the price that I pay per yard, This year I installed around 200 yds at $25 and $30 per yard, had to use about 1 hour every trip to get it and get to the site that I needed it sometimes even more.

    I'd say if you can afford the payments don't hesitate and buy it.
    I know a guy who bought one the first year went on business, didn't have any customers but had the money, at the beginning he only used it once a month, or twice the most, now he has two crews one for mowing and one landscaping, I see him almost every day using his bobcat, he said that machine has given him 10 times he's investment back.

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