Skidsteers; which is best for lot clearing and med. grading

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by swing blade, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. swing blade

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    Hi fellas,

    I am working at a church summer camp and we have the need for a skidsteer to do some badly needed cleanup work. I am expierienced in operating the machines but it has been a few years and I am not too up to date on the differences in machines. I will be trying to up-root several stumps none of which are larger that 8" dia. and will also be doing some grading. I am trying to move about 6-12" of soil that is about the size of a football field. we are just trying to clean up and re-define the slope on a hill. i am renting the machine and have only one of two options. I can get a t-190 or something similiar in size but a different brand or I can get something in size similiar to an s-150

    which machine will work best, i have used the 773 and 863 but I am not familiar with the abilities of the newer machines
  2. Scag48

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    Hmm, well the T190 will allow you to push more, so I'll vote for that. Since you have alot of grading to do you'll want a machine that'll push very well and tracked machines do very well. Also, you said you were working on a slope and the tracks will also assist in climbing any slopes.
  3. swing blade

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    thanks for the reply.

    I was thinking that the tracked one would be better but I thought I would ask anyway since its been a while since i have operated one.

    Thanks again
  4. Gravel Rat

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    You might be there awhile reconstructing a slope the size of a football field I do agree go with a tracked machine it will work better on a slope.

    If I was doing the job I would have a excavator with a clean up bucket and do the rough grading and forming and use a skid steer to do the final grade.

    Without physically seeing how steep the slope is and how bad the area you have to clean up its hard to suggest that would work the best. The other option is rent a 580 or 590 4x4 Case backhoe it will move material faster.

    Are you getting paid to do this or is it a volunteer thing and why the limitation on the machine your renting ?

    You have to remember you can spend more time using a smaller machine and the rental charges may cost more than it would having a contractor come in with a bigger machine do the rough work and you finish it.

    So your roughly trying to move 2100 yards or material with a 7000lb Bobcat machine. You have a big job ahead of you and you better hope the weather holds out once you start exposing the soil any rain will turn it to a mud pit.
  5. swing blade

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    Thanks for the comments,

    Its not a very steep slope, it just rolls of into a ditch that used to be along a cornfield. Its just one of those little rolling hills that we would like to be able to use more of. I am a volunteer out at the camp. I work there in the summer for a couple of weeks as the dean during the week of the 6-9 year olds. I would love to get a contractor out there but its pretty rural and the camp is limited on funds. I do have a lot of material to move but I have until next summer in june to complete it, thats when the kids start coming. I was just looking for another way to get the work done that would be a little less costly. As far as the limitation on equipment, that is all the local rental yard has. But i did call them and they said that they are going to be purchasing a bobcat t-300 this winter. is that machine consideribally stronger than a t 200???
  6. Electra_Glide

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    Go out and rent a dozer. With what you're describing, you should be able to knock it out in a day or two. I just got a quote from United Rentals on a JD450G for $326 a day. That machine will run circles around any skidsteer or CTL for the application you're describing.

    Just out of curiosity, what do want to rent a T190 for a day? I would guess somewhere around $250 a day.

    It's all about productivity...choose the machine that gives you the highest productivity and in 99% of the cases you'll also have the one that gives you the lowest cost.

  7. Tigerotor77W

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    I think you should look at a T250 and not a T300.

    However, a dozer does seem to be a better deal. Perhaps more fuel and weight, but it'll be a more capable machine for your needs.

    Are you looking to buy this machine or just rent it for a few months?
  8. Squizzy246B

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    What are you guys rambling about?

    Get in a skid and get it done. Awhile back I had to cut out a..dressage (sp)rink on my cousins horse farm. 600 cubic yards in oneday. Lower the tyre pressure and get the bucket loaded so the machine sits down and pushes. I had weeds and dirt coming over the back of the hungry board and piled up so high I could hardly see over it. A neighbour came over and said he thought there was a D3 working in the field because all he could see was pile of dirt coming toward his place with some diesel exhaust coming out the top.

    Cutting edge must be sharp, and don't mind having a little dirt in the cab...Its just the same as loader driving really, you have to get the front wheels loaded and the attitude of the machine right.

    Its also the first time I worked the machine at full throttle all day and nearly emptied the diesel tank!.

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