Skin Cancer is For Real

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by FatherandSon, May 26, 2002.

  1. FatherandSon

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    I can attest to the fact that skin cancer is for real. Had a small brown spot on the side of my face next tomy ear. Thought nothing of it, just from the sun. For years asked Doctor about it, "nothing to worry about". Finally insisted he do a biopsy. Oh lucky me. Doctor calls, "it is malignant melanoma, the worse skin cancer you can get and can be fatal". My luck, can't win a dollar on the lottery but wind up getting melanoma which only 5% of the people get. Was operated on in April, took out a large piece of the side of my face and my ear flap. They think they got it all only because I got it soon enough.

    Got burnt a lot as a kid, Irish skin. Did a tour in Vietnam and got burned almost daily. Just love being outside in the sun. Am still mowing with my son and loving it.

    Moral to the story, USE SUN BLOCK ALL OVER, WEAR A WIDE BRIM HAT. Go to a dermatologist twice a year and if in doubt demand a biopsy. If you catch it early enough you can survive.....
  2. HOMER

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    Sounds like good advice.

    So what's the long term outlook?
  3. FatherandSon

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    Surgeon says he "thinks he got it all". Sounds like good news to me and you can bet the sunscreen is on daily and so is my big straw hat.

    Thanks for asking....
  4. awm

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    that stuffs bad . sounds like u might have hit the jackpot for once ,by catching it soon enough.
  5. Jonce

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    Bringing up an old thread - sorry.

    I'm headed to the Skin Care Specialist next Thursday for just this reason - 6 or 7 moles the doctor was concerned about. They grew in size (doubled) in the past 2 or 3 years. I finally went into the doctor to get them looked at before the summer hit. Within 5 minutes of visiting with the doctor, he told me that I was going to be referred to a dermatologist asap. I plan on getting all of them removed and biopsy'ed. I too love being in the sun (boating, yard work, etc.) and have used sunscreen for the past several years. The only problem is that I only used spf 4 or 8. From what I read, you need to wear at least 15 or 20.

    So just when you think it can't happen to you, think again. Thanks for listening.

    P.S. Wear sunscreen!
  6. geogunn

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    good luck guy. I wear spf 30 to 50 and still get tanned without the burn.

    GEO :waving:
  7. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    I am really sorry to hear about your situation. However, I am glad to hear that the outlook is good. One of our guys burns just thinking about stepping outside in the sun. He and sun are not the best of friends, but he loves working outdoors.
  8. Badgerz

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    Best of luck with the diagnosis. My uncle has been farming for years and just last year found out he has malignant melanoma. They operated, thought they got it all and now it's spread all over. He's currently undergoing the radiation treatments and loses about 5 pounds after each visit. Let's hope your future turns out a little better and they actually did get it all out in time.

    God speed....
  9. jtkplc

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    There are ways of reversing cancer and ensuring you don't get it. First you have to understand how you get cancer. Click the link to learn more about cancer. There are WAY better ways of reducing your risk of cancer and living with a confidence that you won't get it. Putting on sun lotion isn't the answer. The 5 main ingredients in sun screen all cause cancer individually. Cancer is a battle on the inside, as you will learn from the mp3 in the link. You don't fight skin cancer via sun screen, it's bad science. It's all about selling sun screen. Also, check out

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