Skin cancer. Too much sun.


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I was just wondering if any of you out there are concerned about skin cancer, considering we all work in the sun all day long. I was not all that concerned myself until a friend and a family member both were diagnosed with it not too long ago. Now my sunblock is my best friend although I do tend to get busy and forget to put any on. Are any of you out there concerned.


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S. Jersey
We all should be especially if no sunblock is worn. Like you I tend to forget even though it sits next to me. I have been wearing my shirt to protect my back and shoulders. My arms and back of my neck are really brown. Ever since Senator McCain (vietnam vet that was in tiger cages for months)has been diagnosed Ive started to use it more.


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Yea, I'm concerned. I've been out in the sun for a long time. I never worried about it much untill my wife became an RN. She persuaded me to se a dermatologist. He burned seventeen places on my arms where I had (precancers).
I know some of you young guys feel invincible, but this stuff is a silent killer. Protect yourself.
And while I'm at it, please wear ear and eye protection.
I've got a helper who says (I don't need to wear ear muffs). If a hundred and twenty decibles running eighteen inches away from your ears don't bother you, you already have hearing loss.
Back to the topic of cancer, some types can get you fast. I guess I got lucky.