Skip the weedeating, except for........

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jun 14, 2002.


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    Was 1/2 way through mowing this yard yesterday when the lady comes out and tells me, "Skip the weedeating this week except for the places your mower can't get". Hello in there!! Isn't that the main purpose of weedeating. Get the spots with the weedeater that the mower can't get to. Lady is a sweetheart but not the sharpest pencil in the box.

  2. rkbrown

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    Make sure that you only blow off the walks and driveway where you got grass clippings on, too :)
  3. Make it an easy day for yourself and only edge the walks & drive.

    Oh yeah, and only mow on the grass.

    I'll bet this lady is fun to work for.
  4. TFL

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    have little old lady exactly like this. i always bag her yard but one day she comes out and ask if why i was bagging her yard and if it would cost extrta. i just said no charge. even though she was already paying for it in the price she pays every week:confused:
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    I have two accounts like this but the reason is that no one had ever trimmed or blowed the messes up before,so they just arent used to it.
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    Lawns & Mower -- this is exactly what I needed today! LOL

    Thank you for sharing! I was literally LMAO!!! Thanks for the bright moment. I needed it!!!

    I can just IMAGINE this poor little lady and the LOOK on your face! I wish I had seen it!!! :confused:

    A & D

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    sounds like one of my customers sort of. he only wants it cut and blown off, he does the eding and weedeating (sort of a friend). the 36 obviously won't get everything in tight areas, so instead of paying me to trim it, he wants me to bring a 21" to trim mow the areas the 36" won't get (normal line trimming stuff, not big areas).

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