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    Has anyone ever ran into a situation where they've had someone say something negative and untrue about them and their business to a customer. I know this is legally defined as slander-

    Slander is an untruthful oral (spoken) statement about a person that harms the person's reputation or standing in the community. Because slander is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement.

    Just wondering if anyone has ran into this- I've lost a customer and a friend because of either someone's jealousy or incompetence. I can't determine which.

    Any Advice Would Be Greatly appreciated.

  2. DeereHunterMF09

    DeereHunterMF09 LawnSite Member
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    I forgot to mention nether party is wanting to talk about it. I am strongly considering legal action but was curious if anyone has tried this.
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    That sucks. Sorry to hear anyone is in the middle of that one. Slander has got to be one of the most difficult things to prove without being considered "heresay". Seems like comments would have to be recorded somehow to serve as evidence for a lawsuit and you would have to put together a number on how much business you have lost because of it.
    Obviously, anything on paper that is distributed to a group of people containing slanderous material would be easy. Good luck.
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    Depending on how widespread it was and how much business you (or whomever the victim is) lost from it. Sue them for defamation of character if its that serious, otherwise, pick up and move on and keep doing your thing if this isn't holding you back from anything. You might cause yourself more headaches than it is worth.

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