Slap in Face!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, May 16, 2003.

  1. A lawn I have been doing for 13 years, it's 107m the LCO I got it from had it over fertilized, cut weekly no matter rain or shine at 3" left it clumpy unless it didn't grow.

    I got it, did all the lawn work and leaf removal.

    Up till last year we did the leaves and mulch and other stuff etc.. Now he has some guy who works 4-10 hour days a week and makes $50k a year working there for $12 an hour and I am sure not claiming it.

    So to bring yall up to date here, doing the lawn apps, had many compliments over the last couple years how great the lawn looks and how weed free and no bare spots, this year customer only sent back mowing contract and nothing else, so earlier this week they call and ask if I had been doing the apps, of course since no contract for it the answer was no, so they wanted to know how much, $321 an app. for 6 steps (same as last 4 years)......They say too expensive and in the past they kept saying I was cheap on the mowing and all, I haven't raised their price in 4 years on anything.

    I am too expensive!!!!!!!!

    Went in to do some apps in the sub, guys are in there mowing and guess what I see?

    TGCL was there today as a matter of fact, and yes we mowed it.

    What a slap in the face, I was so pissssssed. I almost told them to go to HE!!......

    Man that makes me mad
  2. crazygator

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    Its just all part of a day in the life of a Lawn Care Operator.

    Sorry bout your loss. I am sure you will make it up some where else.

    And remember, if you lose a customer to PRICE ONLY, then thats all they will ever get, which is a PRICE JOB. You and I know that we dont need those kinds of customers.

    Chin up ok?
  3. johnhenry

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    Mike you didnt do anything wrong .The idiots we deal with.The old story is what can you do for me now.Not what you did for me in the past.I have found out the nicer you are to people the more they try to take from you or play against you .I wont even touch a property that truegreen & chemlawn has.If my customer has them we will offer the same or better service contract or we terminate service its a choice of either or.It might not be right .This old scotch irishman is just way to stubborn with pride.Its there lost that they went the cheaper route.They will never match the service or work that you offered or performed
  4. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Cripes, what happened to loyalty? From your description it sounds like they never knew what kind of a bang for the buck they were getting with you anyway.

    from AL
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    Sounds like you got a little uppity for being just the lawn guy & they put you in your place.

    We need to realize that lawn care makes up a very small percentage & priority of most peoples emotional & financial budgets & work from this assumption.
  6. Lawn277

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    I know exactly how you feel, been mowing these condos for 3 years, doing the fert apps and all the other stuff they want, working there almost 3 days a week. Tuesday, while Im mowing there is 2 other lawn companies measuring and offering bids. At least wait till Im gone! So the association president just happens to drive by, so I ask, whats up? She says nothing, just wanted to see if we could save the members some money, and there is some dandilions that you missed. Its only been raining 4 days a week for the last month. I havent found anything to kill them that works in 3 hrs.
    Anyway, the is no loyalty any more, its all about the money. And if they think Im lowering the cost, guess what? I'll walk. They can buy goats for all I care

  7. tiedeman

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    I had one account like that about a year ago. It's a commerical and they have a general maintenance personal that does stuff around the building. Well, they only want the lawn mowed on Thursday's. So I see him out there mowing it on a Monday, just to make it look good for the week. But in fact, he makes our work look horrible. So finally I just told the owner, "Either we take care of the lawn all the time, or you can find someone else, because he is scalping the lawn, causing fertilizer burn, and messing up our stripes." The owner decided to let us take care of it 100%.
  8. 65hoss

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    I know how you feel lgf.

    Ultimate --- If you ever keep a customer long term one day you will understand.
  9. Turf Dancer

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    Sounds familiar !

    I lost a customer I have had for 6 years because I raised my rates for trimming/ pruning and fertilizing. She is pissed because I told her it would cost $25 to fertilize and $30 an hour for the shrubs and pruning her roses ! I think we are way low in this area as far as rates are concerned $$$$$, from what I am finding out from this site the last year or so! She thinks that I should do it for nothing I guess ! The lawn was $ 18 per week and she is screaming because 5 years ago she was paying $15 and I raised it a couple years ago ! Go figure
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    This is just the mentallity of some people today. They have no conception of the price of fuel and everything going up affecting the cost of other goods and services. When they go to the grocery store, even between products of the same nature, they say things like "Holy cow, I can't believe how much this has gone up!". But they pay the prices all the same, because they are already there, and therefore, those are the set prices for "their" shopping trip. Now, in this service business, there is so much exposure, it's no wonder the average consumer, whether it be a homeowner, or a president of a condo association, that sees a "lawn service" or two at every intersection with a red light, is tempted to "shop around" for cheaper prices. Oh. many realize they'll get the "cheaper work" for these cheaper prices, but many just don't vare. They choose to gamble for the bargain with so many available "lawn services" out here doing it. And yes,.. there IS no loyalty. Only price. This is what this industry is coming to. Yes, we have our workmanship. and yes, we have our steady customers, but bottom line, there comes a time when even THEY shop for a bargain.

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