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    It has been nearly two years since I last posted on this site letting everyone know about my product, the Slap-on, and I appreciate the support and feedback that I received from many of you.

    A lot has happened since my last postings, so I took out a sponsorship so that I could update you on what has happened since that time. There is a lot of information, so I understand those that may not want to read through the volumes of information that I have for you. Again, thanks for your support, and, as always, I am more than willing to answer questions anyone may have.

    12/2/2013 - The Slap-on product received an independent testimonial from a company that contracted to clean up after the ‘TomorrowWorld’ (TomorrowLand) music festival. The event is generally considered the largest electric music festival that is held in multiple locations across the world each year. In the testimonial, they confirmed that the product sped up their efforts and that an individual is able to complete the bagging cycle in less than one minute. Putting it in perspective, that equates to filling at least 60 fifty-five gallon bags per hour, or 480 fifty-five gallon bags over an 8 hour work day, which is pretty incredible efficiency.

    01/ 06/2014-The Slap-on product has received a GSA Schedule Contract Award. The GSA is the General Services Administration of the federal government and it has the authority for the acquisition and management of federal government resources. While the GSA's management purpose is to maintain historical and government owned and leased properties and assets, the purpose of its Schedules Program is to leverage the purchasing power of the federal government by negotiating streamlined contracts with commercial businesses.

    GSA Schedule Contracts are indefinite delivery and quantity, long term contracts under the General Services Administration's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program, which is to assist federal employees in purchasing products and services through pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties and other terms and conditions.

    Grainger, Wrigglesworth Enterprises, SPS Industrial, Inc., The Office Group, Inc. and Westcarb Enterprises, Inc. have been authorized to sell the Slap-on product from the GSA Schedule. The Slap-on product may be found on the GSA Advantage Website at the following link:

    2/10/2014-Below is a list of retailers that are now selling my product:

    Grainger -

    Sears -

    Amazon -

    Ebay -

    Zoro Tools - C...Clip/00124227/

    Drillspot -

    Neobits –

    Pricefalls -;All+Products

    Cleaning-supply -

    GW Industrial Supply -

    Global QRC -

    Tizaro -

    Below is a brief description of the product:

    The purpose of the Slap-on attachment is to hold a can liner in place so that an individual can use the natural advantages that a large, square, commercial grade waste container has for being used as a collection bin when set on its side. Using the Slap-on attachment to secure a can liner in the collection bin will allow an individual to fill a 55+ gallon bag full of debris in about 20 seconds. All debris can be raked or swept into the container.

    The Slap-on attachment is to be used with a Grainger supplied 48 or 55 gallon Tough Guy square waste container, product #’s 5DMV5 and 6YLP6. The correct sized can liners (43” wide x 48” long or larger for the 48 gallon container and 45” wide x 48” long or larger for the 55 gallon container) also need to be used in order for the user to have a favorable experience. You may also go to to get a better understanding of the product.

    Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think may have an interest.


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    Sounds like a neat product. Congratulations on the success Eric!
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    Thank you! It's been a long, difficult path.
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