slice seeding/overseeding how often/soon

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by djagusch, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Lots of speculation before the grass has even been brought under control... I had a few lawns that got too long for too long a period of time and the tall grass leaned over and killed its neighbors... the soil needs to dry ,,, in order that it firms up enough to support the weight of a mower... mow high when the grass blades are dry and a few days later mow lower while the grass blades are still dry...

    If you go in while everything is still wet and long,,, whack it down to 2.5-3 inches a lot of grass is coming out by the roots and irreversible compaction is underway... you'll never have a better time to put down seed in the barespots that appear than this Fall...
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    Well a grab a 48" w/b mower and cut the grass (smallest/lightest mower I own, besides a 21" and that would take too long). Looks better just by doing that. Broadcasted some seed just since I had some. I will dorement seed end of oct. Guessing by spring it will be a good looking yard.
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