slightly odd question about dump trailers

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by moron88, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. moron88

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    business is starting to pick up and the need for a dump trailer is rising. stopped in at my local trailer dealer to peruse the inventory and to inquire about financing. long and short of it is i got a quote for one of the smallest dump trailers they could get. it'll be a month or 2 before i pull the trigger, which is the lead time for trailers right now anyway.

    now for the slightly odd question. they have 83" wide 12 and 14 foot trailers with 14k gvwr and payloads of between 8 and 10k pounds. the trailer i'm looking at ordering is a 5x10' with a 7k gvwr and a 4500lb payload. i'm sure many of you have wished you had gone bigger, but has anyone ever wished they had gone smaller? my reason for going small is mostly due to my truck being a 15 years old 3/4 ton gasser.
  2. RedSox4Life

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    Depends what you’re suing it for..... but a good rule of thumb for trailer purchasing is always buy s little bigger than you think you need.

    Better to tow it with a 3/4 ton’s pretty easy for a 1ton and dump trailer combo to be over 26k lbs
  3. prezek

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    I tow a 12’ 12k trailer with older 3/4 ton gasser dodge truck. It’s nice to have the room for leaves/debris that isn’t crazy heavy. With wet mulch or topsoil, I take it easy on what I put in it. I believe empty I am close to 4000. That leaves 8000. I imagine I haven’t put more than about 6000 in it.... wouldn’t go small. You may upgrade the truck eventually and have trouble with resale.
  4. knox gsl

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    I recently got a 7x12 deck over dump from brimar. The biggest reason for deck over was to be able to haul pallets of materials and I already have something to load equipment on.

    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    Always got bigger if you can, if truck is taken care of you should be fine
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  6. Mumblingboutmowers

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    The lighter the trailer the better. The more volume you can haul the better as you will fill them up before overweighting them on many jobs. 5x10 sounds narrow, 6x10 would be better. Dual axle with brakes for sure to handle any heavy loads. 4500lb payload would be fine as you can likely put a little more than that on if needed. I had a 4500lb payload brimar and had over 3 ton in it a few times and didn't hesitate a bit when raising it. Tires had me a little concerned though as they were bulging.
  7. S-205

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    You will regret a 5x10 mostly because of the width I think. Especially if you have or will ever have/rent any kind of machine for a job. I’ve had a 7x12, 6x12 and now I have another 6x12 10k trailer. It’s a good balance but I liked the 7’ wide the best. Nice for loading bobcats and our mini ex!

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  8. GrassManKzoo

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    SoUnds like you went to premier custom trailers in schoolcraft. What are you hauling? And the fact that we’re in the same town makes me curious to know what your company name is
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  9. moron88

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    lol yes i did. i'm mostly going to be hauling small quantities of stabilized gravel (1.5 yards max) because kls charges $40 regardless of quantity. the ability to haul brush, junk and cut up trees is also appealing.

    my company name is brad's grass and gravel, llc. i think i've seen a truck with your name on it around.
  10. moron88

    moron88 LawnSite Member
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    i already have an 83"x16' landscape trailer with the a slightly higher payload than the dump trailer i'm looking at. 6x10 is also an option, 7x10 might also be. the trailer will mostly be for hauling small quantities of material from the landscape supply to the jobsite to save on the delivery fee and to get work done quicker rather than waiting on them to be available.

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