Slightly Used Wright RH36" w/ 17HP Kaw

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Cougarweeds, Mar 18, 2011.

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    I am selling my slighty used Wright Stander RH36 with a 17hp Kawasaki Motor. This mower has never been used commercially and has less than 100 hours (88.2 exactly). I will also throw in the Grass Gobbler catcher with this sale. This is a great deal for a commercial mower that runs about $6500 new. I am selling as my back problems have lead me to seek out a mower where I can sit and mow. I have two sets of blades that are also in slightly used condition. Gator Blades are currently on the mower and I have a set of high lift. I just serviced the mower last week, Oil, Plugs, Oil filter, fuel filter and grease. The Hydros haven't been serviced as the 1st service interval is 5 years or 300 hours.

    I am asking $4800 for the mower and catcher.




  2. Cougarweeds

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    This has SOLD!

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