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I've used something like it also.<p>had a flat on the front of the machine. no way am I gonna break that tire off and patch or replace a tube unless I have to.<p>squeezed in some of that stuff took a couple of passes in the drive and flat fixed!<p>GEO


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Spring Hill, FL
Wal-MArt carries something similar for much less and it works just fine for small nail holes


I used it in two tires, one worked, one didn't. I've got foam fill in two sets of tires now, will have it in more as I replace worn tires. For what the foam fill costs I don't want to put it in a tire that will not deliver a full lifespan


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I use slime or slime-like-products in everything. One day I noticed a wet spot on my trailer tire, it was a hole. The wet spot was the slime sealing the hole. The tire lost only 2 or 3 lbs of air a week until I could fix it.


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Just a note, J Thomas now offers tires that are solid and are supposed to have a good ride. I haven't tried them myself but I think they are a good solution to always patching mower tires. Prices aren't too bad either from what I remember $40-$60 per tire and that comes with the rim, I think the local Firestone charges about $40 to foam fill.