Slippery Rye Overseeding Soccer Field

Discussion in 'Sports Field Maintenance' started by gymfreak26, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. gymfreak26

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    I take care of the local lil league park & HS soccer field where my kids play to help them out. We have used Barenburg SOS 220 the last few years to overseed our Bermuda with in the fall. The high school just advised they did not like the grass because it seemed too slippery. I use this turf type annual rye because they did not want to spend the money to spray out perennial. Now they are looking for alternatives. What turf type perennial ryes have you guys had luck with? I'm in N. Alabama.
  2. foreplease

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  3. OP

    gymfreak26 LawnSite Member
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    Wish I could tell you more. I was puzzled as well.
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  4. agrostis

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  5. upidstay

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    Any grass is "slippery" if it's wet. I find new grass to be slick, is it recently seeded?

    I've also found that people will complain about anything and everything. Find out who lodged the complaint, and ask them what they recommend. Odds are they or someone they know is miffed you don;t buy your seed from them.
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  6. Dandan111

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    Don't they wear cleats? Sounds like your doing good. They want a better
    grass tell them to pay more for seed. Annual isn't a permanent fix.
  7. CorgiTurf

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    Yes, rye grass, perennial or annual seems to be more slippery when wet than bermuda. I have slipped on it when it has dew on it or it is wet. Cleats help, this was with regular shoes.
    I have heard this complaint from football coaches as well.

    Probably more so at Higher mowing heights.
  8. rsp1961

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    Annual rye is a more slippery grass than perrenial rye. I use perrenial for this very reason, however if cost is the problem, then there is no solution.

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