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Tony S

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Webster MA
I need to seed a 4k area. I have removed ALL the old grass, and it is now just bare soil.<br>Should I loosen up the soil with my dethacher and spread seed with a spreader, or should I rent a slit seeder? Will a slit seeder work well on bare soil? Which is the best way for maximum germination?


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southern ohio
Slit seed is best. Make sure not to rent a seeder that drops seed first and then mashes them into the soil. Some rental guys call this a slit seeder but it's not. If money is the problem then charge more for slit and tell you customer he will get more germination.

AllAround NY

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I did a job like this last year. I would use a power rake to loosen the soil. Then seed and lime and starter fertilizer. I used a slit seeder last year, It was a lot of hard work and it cost $98.00 a day to rent. The lawn I used it on had thin spots. I dont think it's all its cracked up to be. It really kicked my butt.<p>Jeff

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