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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by JFGLN, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Last season I rented a slit seeder and was not happy with the machine. Even at the lowest setting the blades didn't seem long enough to make proper slices. The blades looked worn down, like an edger blade gets when used along sidewalks. How often do these blades get changed?


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    I don't know the make of the machine you are talking about, but they are usually adjustable, to get the blades into the soil as they wear. once they can no longer be adjusted into the soil, they should be replaced. I would imagine a rental center will get away with this as long as they can. Should it happen to you again, be sure to tell them & insist on a machine that is in proper working order.

    But remember, grass seed is not sown deep, only need good seed to soil contact.
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    They get changed when the owner/operator change them. Usually when they are worn out maybe sooner like when they quit cutting the soil at the deepest setting. To check them set the unit up on blocks under all 4 tires. Set the blades to the deepest cutting position and see how much the extend past the bottom of the tires. If they are only extending to the bottom of the tires and no deeper you are getting no cutting action. For cutting they have to extend below the tires farther then the thatch layer is thick. 3/8 in of thatch then blades shoulw be 5/8 below the bottom of the tires.

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    I rent a BlueBird seeder from the local rental place. I've never had this problem. He always keeps his stuff in top shape. I hope to buy one sometime in the next few years. He sells them for cheap once he gets his use out of them and then he buys new ones. But when he gets rid of them they look like they're still new.
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    We have 2 new sales reps running around Washington St with our seeders and aerators. Send me an email and I'll hook you up with them. They will setup your local rental store with a unit very easily.



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