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Slit seeding and aerating at the same time?


LawnSite Member
Old Saybrook CT
One of my customers wants me to aerate as well as slit seed at the end of this season. Is this a good idea or would it be to much stress on the lawn. It is already stressed out enough because of the dry hot conditions this summer so I dont want to do more damage to it. Any suggestions?

The Happy Gardner

LawnSite Member
Na it's not going to stress the lawn. Slit seeding dosen't do any damage to the lawn at all. I just question if it's worth doing, vs just seeding after aeration.


LawnSite Silver Member
There is another thread going now and most people say Slit seeding is the way to go. It will do a much nice job then aerate and overseed. We do slit seeding and works great!!!!! :waving:

Future LCO

LawnSite Member
Wichita, KS
Agreed, If you're going to overseed use a slit seeder, Whether you're aerating or not. Aerating Puts few holes every few inches that are also about 1-3 inches deep. Most grass that sprouts in these holes will not survive . Slit seeding leaves a perfect groove for the seed to lay in. Slit see is the way...or as we call it here...Verti-cutting.


LawnSite Senior Member
A Slit seeder does no damage...Must be a majic slitseeder or one that does not work. the job of a slitseeder is to tear up the turf down to 1/4 or 3/8 inch deep into the ground. A slit for the seed to go into. To do this the machine has to tear through the growth and thatch layer. Makes mess but leave the mess to cover the new plants. Unless of course the thatch is 1/2 inch thick and then it has to be removed.

You can aerate and seed into the holes but don't expect plants anywhere else. Saw a lawn once the guy seeded fescue after aerating a bluegrass lawn. Got good growth in the holes. got hot and th blue went dormat like it does and the fescue stayed nice and green. Guy had a funny polka dot lawn.

Aerate the hell out of the lawn and slit seed with a good machine on 1.5 or 2 inch spacing down to 1/4 or 3/8 inch deep should give you a good crop.