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Slit seeding and Lime for yard.


LawnSite Member
I had my yard finished last summer but due to it being done during a heat wave that lasted for a long time, I could not keep it watered that long. As a result, only patches of grass came in. I was going to rent a slit seeder to get the rest to come in this spring while we are getting rain. The question I have is after I complete the slit seeding, will lime help or damage the changes of seed germination if I put it on right after. I know there are fertilizers out there for new seeding but I have about 1/2 acre I need to do with a very limited budget ($200. $100 for slit seeder, $50 for additional seed (total of 100lbs), and $50 for lime or any other thing that will help). Any suggestions or better ideas.


LawnSite Senior Member
$50 for lime?? Thats a lot of lime. 100 lbs of seed should cover about half an acre real nice. Use a good fertilizer too to get it going.


LawnSite Bronze Member
And what seed are you getting at $50 for 100lbs? Thats pretty dang cheap. Around here, 4 hour rental is like $50, seed I get for 1.25/lb, and I have no idea on the lime. Also, if you are on a budget, 100 lbs of seed might be a little overkill. If you have a half acre with some established grass, somthing like 30-50 lbs might be better. Once you put down soo much seed, you might as well be throwing it away because it really doesnt do any good to put down a ton of seed.


LawnSite Member
I already have a fifty pound bag of seed but I was going to get another fifty to make sure I have enough seed so I dont run out while renting the slit seeder. Would it be better to use a fertilizer or does lime do anything. I wasnt going to spend fifty dollars on lime along either. Thats with fertilizer and lime if both are needed. i just need some direction before I start tomorrow.