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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dae06, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. dae06

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    I have used a Bluebird Slit(?) seeder in the past. I really didn't like it. It had spinning blades and dropped the seed on top of the beat up soil. It seemed more like a dethatcher with a seed hopper on it.

    I do know I liked the Ryan Mataway much better. This was what I thought a slit seeder should be like. This machine actually created a slit for the seeds to drop into. I have read that the revitalizer is quite good too.

    Around my area it is hard to find anything but the Bluebird seeder.

    My question is this: Is this really how the Blue bird seeders are supposed to work or did I get one set up for dethatching with a seed hopper on it. Is there a set up for an actual slit seeder set up that has disc like blades instead of dethatching blades?

    The Ryan-Mataway I rented once did a lot less damage to my lawn and I couldn't even tell anything was done to it the next day. The grass grew very nicely though. I just can't find a rental place that carries one.
  2. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Where are you located? Hard to help without this bit of information.


  3. turfcobob

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    The unit you are talking about probably has flail or breakaway blades. These are designed to rip up thatch for removal. Bluebird made a seeder box for these units and you are right they worked poorly.

    The Mataway by Ryan was orginally designed for verticutting greens. We redesigned it to be an overseeder with fixed 1/8 inch blades on 2 inch spacing so it would work well for overseeding. This was done in the late 1980s
    The unit does a good job but is hard to handle and a ton of work. Will not do hills and is expensive to keep up.

    In the 1990sTurfco developed a Slicing seeder for home lawns. The blades are 1/8 inch thick and spaced 1.5 inches apart. This makes it good for all grasses including Fescue. The blades pull the unit along and it does hills very well. It is easy to maintain and half the price of most seeders. See it at
  4. dae06

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    Good deal,


    BTW, I am in S.E Minnesota.
  5. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Send me a PM and I'll have a dealer / sales rep contact you.

    I need your contact info.


    RABBITMAN11 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The revitalizer is hands down the very best seeder out there. It's really easy to run as well.
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  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    What does the smaller (6HP) Revitalizer run?
    Is there a used market network for these machines?
  8. LawnSolutionsCP

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    We stopped making the 6hp machine 2 yrs ago. Wasn't impressive enough. LCOs would buy is see how much money could be made and then wanted to upgrade to the 9hp machine because it is so much faster.

    There really isn't any used ones out there.....people just keep them. You could look at a rental store who has run them for a few years.....they might sell and get a new one.
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  9. dae06

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    I didn't realize that you quit making the 6 horse 2 years ago. Your web site still advertises them.

    I am in S.E Minnesota and can not find a rental place that carries either the Lawn solutions, Ryan-Mataway or the Lesco slit seeder. I can find the bluebird, but really don't want to have to use that one.

    Anyone around this area that may know who carries one of the above?
  10. dae06

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    I sent you a "visitor message" is that the same as a PM. This forum is a bit different than what I am used to.

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