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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Inman's lawn care, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Inman's lawn care

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    I have a customer that wants the bumps removed from here yard.

    I tried rolling it that didn't help. I thought about slit seeding the yard.
    The yard is a very think and lush grass. Very nice yard. She is tiered of walking in her yard and twisting her ankle.

    What do you suggest?

  2. hickslawns

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    slit seeding is not going to make much difference other than to thicken the lawn. Bumps are bumps. Tell her to redo the whole lawn if you want them gone or go get a small asphalt roller. Asphalt roller might not be such a great idea in the spring, and talk about Hope she wants a good aeration afterword.
  3. turfcobob

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    Sounds like you have two options here other than rolling.
    1. You can take a good quality verticut unit ( cuts on 2 inch or less centers) and cut the lawn several directions. The verticut will cut down the high spots, moving the dirt into the low spots. It will also make the lawn look like crap so it will have to go through a recovery period, like overseeding.
    2. You can top dress the lawn and drag it to smooth it out. This is done quite often to rough fescue lawns that are grown in and not sodded. The top dresser can spread a nice sandy loam or top soil or sand and the drag will smooth it oul

    OR you can wet, roll and aerate the lawn.
  4. chriscraft

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    I know a lot of you on the site say roll then aerate, but i wish you would think long and hard about this and try it( IT DOES WORK!), Think about this a bit b4 you get in a tizzy. Rolling is basically useless unless you aerate 1st. Now think 1st. Rolling a lwan without aerating is like stuffing 2 gallons of milk in a 1 gallon container. If you remove some milk then more can go in the container. Now think again. If you core aerate the lawn and remove thousand of cores (say2-3 cubic inches of earth per core) you now have thousands (tens of thousands of cubic inches of soil removed from the ground), yo uknow have supplies amople room for the high spots to go into. And as far as rolling compacting the soil it wont happen if yo uaerate 1st. Why?, because even with a 800 lb roller (that is what we use) you wil not compact the soil because there are still 50-80 holes per sq yard (3/4" by 3 1/2" deep) all thru the yard. So when you are done rolling those holes are still there and take days to weeks to close up. So in closing if the customer wants a smoother yard AERATE< ROLL and watch the result. At the very leat try it because you cant roll dirt into dirt but by giving the high spot a place to push into you can get a smoother lawn without causing a compaction problem. And we do tell our customers that a roller wont do miracles, but it will give them a smoother less bumpy lawn if that is what they are looking for. We haver been doing it this way for ten years,because we have tried both. If a customer wants a roll we say it is a waste of time without aerating it and money. If you aerate 1st then roll then look at the holes in the ground they are still there and will be long after you roll it. So, the ground will loosen up for days to weeks after youre gone.
  5. Inman's lawn care

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    Hickslawns thanks for the advice on the black top roller.
    Chriscraft thanks for the advice on the aerate first.

    I Aerated the yard 3 times. Then cleaned up the plugs best I could.
    Mowed bagged laid black top soil/Peat moss/Sand in some really low spots.

    Then ran the black top roller over the lawn. It did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!
    The grass popped back up smoothed down the really rough spots and looked great. Thanks for the help cause I was not getting any from some so called friends that do this same line of work here were I live. They suggested that i Split seed. Now why do other companys give bad information like that. Because the lady I did this job for said she would not call that other company for anything ever again. So make me think that the so called know it all big name comapny in town dont know what there talking about. thats why they are losing all there sales to me. Because I research the job first and not just jump on my big a** tracker and just charge the people 3,000.00 for an new yard when they dont need it.

    Thanks Again I did a great job with your help. I have a few tricks here and there about a few things so if you guys need some help e-mail me.

    Inman's Lawn Care
    Joe Inman
    "The Complete Lanscape Care Giver" ---This is my moto..
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    I was half joking about the asphalt roller, but I am glad it worked. I have seen some real small rollers they ride on used for this. I am guessing that is what you used? Anything big could have created a bigger mess, especially if at all wet. Glad it worked and kept your customer happy. Use common sense if you ever try this and the lawn is remotely low,wet, or mushy ground.
  7. Inman's lawn care

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    I knew you were joking but it was dry ground it worked ...
    Next job..

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