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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fordnut, Jul 29, 2007.

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    I got a customer who wants his front yard reseeded the fall. I am thinking of slit seeding. Should I aereate first and do you need to put straw down after slit seeding. He has fescue, desent stand just a few bare spots. Also when do ya'll recommend topdressing? Thanks..
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    Not knowing your situation, I try to aerate the whole lawn and slit seed the worst areas. Most guys I see doing this in the fall don't seem to fix the bad areas. They just aerate because they said they would. Additionally, if it's mostly fescue (turf type?) add a new or needed variety such as a great quality rye and or blue. For best results add a starter fert and MAKE SURE the customer waters the way you want them to. I have always charged a little more to ensure results as opposed to just going through the motions.
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    If the lawn is fairly established and only has a few bare spots, aerate and overseed the whole lawn and then go back and just hand fix the spots needing attention. Loosen up the soil in the bare spots, apply your seed, and rake. I always apply either starter fert or my scheduled apps after overseeding.

    It is really hard to give the exact idea of what to do without seeing the lawn, walking it, talking to the customer, etc. Just try to time your applications as well as you can, apply good products/do good work, and make sure that the customer WATERS.

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