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  1. tinmansoccer11

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    I'm beginning school in the Fall for some landscaping and business classes. In 2 years I'll have my degree. Until then, I plan on having a few mowing jobs. I've been thinking pretty heavily about catchy slogans and such. Is it a good idea to go ahead and use my slogan, even though I'm just a beginner. I was afraid that if I use my slogan now, then the day I become fairly big, people will just remember the young guy w/ only a few pieces of equipment. So what should I do? Thanks.
  2. Team Gopher

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    Hi tinmansoccer11,

    Go with what you have now and then as you grow you can always change and improve it :)
  3. lickedysplits

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    i say use your slogan now. people will start remembering you by your slogan, and the job you do. and if it's catchy, they will always remember, if you do a great job. i started lickedy splits 30 years ago. it was kind of a catchy name, and as long as your great at what you do, they will remember you. on the down side, if you don't do that great job, they will remember that also, and will probably tell ten people how bad you are. just my opinion. good luck to you, whatever you decide to do.
  4. EastProLawn

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    Use it or lose it.......
  5. tinmansoccer11

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    Thanks lickedysplits...I'm glad you said to use it, because I really want to. It is pretty catch, and I think it will work pretty well. I've never had anyone complain about how my work looks, so I think I should be ok in that dept. Thanks.
  6. jaybird

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    we are always late and we dont do a good job when we get there. just having fun.
  7. tinmansoccer11

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    jaybird...what the heck does that mean??!!
  8. kbenvironmental

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    lol... jaybird is offering a tongue-in-cheek slogan, tinman
    It'll work great on customers that don't believe a word you say.
  9. tinmansoccer11

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    Ah, ok. I get what you're saying now. Had me a little confused! So what is the best way to pick up some more jobs? Flyers? Ads? Word of mouth?
  10. jprince884

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    You're welcome to use mine if you like...
    "Let us mow your lawn or we'll f**k your daughter"
    I'm thinking about changing it because it's not working too well.

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