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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Parched1, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Parched1

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    What are the available types of slope mowers on the market, and their respective pros and cons? What type of operational ground speed can I expect to safely attain? I will be operating on slopes of approximately thirty degrees, and will be cutting every five to six weeks. Are ther any units that provide rough mowing and finished mowing decks that are interchangeable? Any information is appreciated,
  2. davidcalhoun

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    Some of the following may no longer be current models.

    Hustler/Excel made a 6400 hillside mower.

    DEEZEE (it has another name??) made a hillside mower

    Dixie Chopper made a hillside mower (looked like an off road go cart with a wide wheel base and a roll bar).

    Kut Kwick.
  3. Skimastr105

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    There was an ad in TURF for a hillside mower... I dont remember what it was called, but it looked pretty cool.
  4. Mowingman

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    I had a chance to demo a Kut Kwik one time. Very rough riding, very rough looking cut. They are not for finish mowing type work.
  5. gene gls

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    I have two friends that run Aebi tractors. One of them contracts mostly landfill mowing.
  6. oldturf

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    Kut Kwik is by far the safest of the slope mowers also expensive-Toro 1400 works well with dual wheels up to 30 degrees but not much more. Good luck.
  7. Nes-Tech

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    Look at the Hustler ATZ, This is a mid-mount ZTR. The stance has been widened out and has bar tires. Also features a dished out floor pan to lower the center of gavity. The seat has on an electric switch to keep yourself level. Powered by a 27HP Kohler engine.
  8. gene gls

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    The ATZ is more of a " lawn " mower than a real "slope" mower.
  9. Dozer_Fan

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    I have an ATZ and I LOVE it! My property has 3:1 and some 2:1 slopes and I can mow the 3:1s sideways no problem. It has cut my mowing time by 3/4. With the long wheelbase, when traveling sideways on a slope, the wheels stay planted and it tracks straight unlike my previous Yazoo Mid that constantly had the front wheels trying to go downhill. The high torque wheel motor climb hills without whinning or screaming at all. Plus the ATZ does a very nice job on the flat front yard. Have to be carefull though as I have ITP Bear Claw tires on it for sidehill grip and can shred the yard. I would demo one before ruling it out. They're pricey but I found mine used in perfect shape for half the cost of a new one. :)
  10. DiyDave

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    Did I hear someone mention a hillside mower? I have one for sale in the classifieds of this site, so I won't go into the details of my mower here. The Dew-eze mower was made in Kansas, I believe. I do not know if it is still being made or not. The design kind of looks like a motorcycle with a steering wheel, and 2 outrigger wheels with the mower decks between the outriggers and the main frame. The front and back wheels are hydraulically driven, the decks are driven by a splitter gearbox and drivelines to final gearboxes which drive a timing belt, which drives the spindles. The blades are synchronized so that they don't hit because they overlap in the middle. It cuts fairly well to 45 degrees, but because of the 36" decks with 1 spindle, it cuts kind of like a snapper mower. The only reason I am selling mine, is because I lost the contracts I was using it on, and the new Dixie chopper I got last year will cut almost as steep of a hill.:dizzy: :dizzy:

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