Slope tiered with rock walls and a rock staircase

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DFLS, Sep 1, 2013.

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    Started this project a couple years ago. The short wall along the driveway was done by hand, as well as most of the second short wall. Little help with a compact loader for one or 2 of the larger stones in the second tier. The third tier was excavated and built into the hill with the Cat. Staircase then cut into the wall by hand. Now working on a large level area half way up the slope with another large wall behind it. The large area where the machine is sitting will be grass and will be slightly pitched to a drain (pipe coming out of ground) to divert the rainwater. video here:

    Looking forward to compliments and bracing for criticism....

    older pics coming tonight...
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    I like the style of stone work, but because of some stones you chosen as treds it is a dangerous place to walk. And being in ct. It will be interesting in the winter.
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    Yes there is one step in particular that is sort of rounded but I did raise the edge of it up so that it is nearly level now plus filled in the missing corner piece of the step.

    The area won't be used in the winter, probably have a hammock there in the summer or a putting green or a fire pit. Probably enough room for all of the above. Also planning on walkway lights.
  4. DFLS

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    Back a couple years: Watch the pines and spirea grow over time as you go.


    Took out some trees and constructed the bank to the upper left to divert runoff from uphill

    2nd tier large wall built, staircase not tied into driveway yet:

    Tied in staircase to driveway and started upper section:

    Upper large wall:
  5. Dually00-00

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    Looks great! Was that stone native to the scite or did you haul it in ?
  6. DFLS

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    All native rocks. See a little of a larger stone showing out of the ground, dig it out and get 3 other smaller ones in the process. I made access paths to the top of the site thru the woods and removed dozens of rocks slightly buried. Try to dig a hole for a bush and guess what there are rocks in the way. Plenty more too even real big ones (5' to 10' across) I can't possibly move with the machine I have.
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    I dont mean any offense by this it looks like you put in some time on this project but it looks dangerous, One rumble of some thunder when your walking up those steps and get taken out by a couple boulders? Are they held back some how?
  8. DFLS

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    The really big rocks are only 1/3 exposed and the hill was excavated to fit each large rock. That first large wall is actually carved into ledge.

    All rocks in place, even the top pieces can be walked on and are not tippy.

    The loose ones won't go anywhere, they are on flat ground. This vid was during a break, but I always make sure there aren't any hazards before I quit working.
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