Slope ZTR mowing

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by PROPERTYLAWNSERVICELLC, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. rwaters

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    sorry about taking so long to reply I did not see your response. email me at or call me at 618-962-3333 and I will give you a quote
  2. 2 clowns mowing

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    rich mfg convertible mower best for slopes
  3. kevin16856

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    What kinds of repairs?
  4. kevin16856

    kevin16856 LawnSite Member
    from Florida
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    What kinds of Ventrac problems?
  5. RD 12

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    Cut similar with 60 scag and dixie chopper, I would say dixie di a better job.
  6. gunsnroses

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    It has been a bit of everything small on the older one (pull out the welder)....also blown motor, turbo went out, overheating, trouble getting parts quickly. The fan also blows heat on the operator:hammerhead: sweat + dust =:cry:

    I must say without lots of details..... Ventrac made good with the latest problem.
  7. kirkmbrown2001

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    In Fantasy Land, This would be the best mower for you...

    To bad it is discontinued!

    I saw this thing in person at my hustler dealer one day. The thing is as huge as a car. I immediatly thought for some reason about crushing cars!:laugh:

    See attached pictures and spec sheet!



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  8. brianslawncare

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    i would use a walkbehind with a sulky. kind of dangerous around the pond,when it rains everything will run down to the pond and the z might get stuck. th walkbehind might get stuck too,but i think it will be easier to ge out.
  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Dixie Chopper is the best hill slope
    I have 3 60'' will mow any thing
    I had a job once that had for 15 yrs It was 2-1 and 3-1 slope
    2-1 slope mow it up and down The 3-1 mow it arcoss
    Well New mowing service under bid me And tried mow it with a Hustler and a exmark they evening add duals to there mower Now they just weed eat the slopes i told I always mowed it
    If set your chopper up right it will mow anything
  10. Dozer_Fan

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    Another vote for the ATZ (if you can find one); I mow some crazy slopes with mine and it has performed flawlessly.

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