Slope ZTR mowing

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by PROPERTYLAWNSERVICELLC, Oct 13, 2010.

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    It certainly would.
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    pretty neat tractor but i must say either they are cutting it way to low or that thing cuts like hell
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    Id bet that grass is damp and that deflector chute isnt helping much either. Looks to be cutting very low, set by the wheels on the deck.
    The vid isnt high enough res to see how its really cutting.

    For its purpose, I think its an awesome machine. I emailed the importers here and they have no plans to bring them over. I told them there was a big market for them. Im surrounded by houses on hills. It is a good niche market!
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    I own a Hustler 602d and the thing is a beast, made for hillsiding like the one in the pics above. Setting the cab tilt to auto and just driving across any slope is the coolest feeling. I've been on slopes so steep that it actually slide sideways if I spun the tires accidentally. The downside to mine is that it has the loudest diesel engine known to man in it, a Italian Ruggerini air-cooled model. Luckily it's getting a little tired so I'm preparing to replace it with a 1.8l Isuzu diesel this winter.
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    I have had the best luck with the Hustlers for big slopes. I started out 5 years ago with a 18hp 52" Fastrak zero turn rider and now have added a 29 hp 60" Hustler Z. I have 3 yards side by side that have between a 30-40 degree slope and I cut them from side to side with no problems at all. I know the manufacturer from a liability stand point won't tell you that but I think they have the lowest center of gravity of any other mower on the market which helps them hold hills so well. Hope this helps
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    I have 2 Hustlers and cut 3 yards side by side that have between a 30-40 degree slope and it handles it with no problems one mower is a 52" fastrak the other is a 60" Hustler Z
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    It's mainly a matter of traction, and that depends on geometry (eg a mechanism that transfers most of the deck weight to the wheels), and especially on the tires. Traction is a weak point with zero-turns (and for some reason I never see them with drive-wheel chains). It can also be a matter of center of gravity -- the lower the rig (and you), the less the chance of it getting away on you.

    For that work I'd prefer a 4WD compact tractor, with a midmount mower to increase agility and lower the CG. I'd ballast the rears because they tend to be tippier than ZTs, and you'll want turf tread.
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    After this:


    I use this:


    I also bought Toro diesels and a JD 930Z which both handle slopes better than bad boy or grasshopper mid mount.

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