slotted and/or drilled rotors

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by i_plant_art, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. i_plant_art

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    Does anyone have slotted, drilled, or slotted/drilled rotors on their truck? I am in need of new rotors and want to get the most for my money. I got a quote from the shop ( i personally know the owner so i know hes not pulling my leg) of 873.00 for new rotors and labor. These were coming from NAPA and as he said were "low end to keep the cost down". I have a 2000 F-350 PSD 4x4 doolie. i know its gonna be expensive but ive heard that slotted/drilled are the best b/c of the the rapid heat loss on the rotor, which is good. I m just looking to find soemthing economically as well as something that is going to last me considering i pull a trailer(with brakes) all the time. Any recomendations of going stock or aftermarket would be great thanks.
  2. PTP

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    Well, I just called Autozone and the whole thing would cost about $200 plus tax.

    Brakes are generally very easy to fix. I don't remember specifically about the F350 though. It may be a little more complicated if the rotor and hub assembly are one piece.

    At any rate, if you are mechanically inclined at all I would suggest learning how to do it yourself. Buy the book if you need to. But if you are not sure that you can do it, then pay the man. It is better to be sure that your breaks will work than to save a little money.
  3. Master Po

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    That's right. If you are capable, do it yourself. I don't know about the 350, but my 2000 Silverado was very easy. Then again it is always worth that feeling of self assurance that your big truck with a big trailer will stop when you are pulling up to a red light.
  4. i_plant_art

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    yeah i know wha tu guys mean brakes, transmission, and diesel are the 3 things i wont touch....... im gonna buy the parts and have him put them on ... he suggested this so that i get a better product that the "low grade" NAPA rotors.... they prob aint worth the box they come in ya know ......... im just not sure if its worth getting the drilled or not, or if they will "shave" the same next time they need to be turned......
  5. Dirty Water

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    Do you have a Dualy axle? If so, Rotors are going to be very expensive. Either way, its a total piece of cake, even if you have to take them to a shop to have bearings pressed out and in ($20).

    I haven't had anyone do my brakes since Mida's quoted my wife $600 to do what cost me $100.

    As far as crossdrilled/slotted rotors, Most of them are marketing hype.

    However slotted rotors do keep the pads from glazing and distribute heat pretty well.
  6. lawnmaniac883

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    If quality is what your looking for in rotors, then get the stainless rotors. As far as slotted or drilled, your choice but they do aid in stopping power and longetivity.
  7. Eclipse

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    Slotted rotors are not a boad idea but certaily stay away from a drilled rotor, especially on a truck that is used like a truck.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Instead of taking chances on something that will get you marginal results, try something that will give you bigbang for the buck. You have a turbo diesel, right? Install a Jake brake (engine brake on pick up truck sized vehicles) we have them as standard equipment on all our 4500-5500 series Chevies as well as the 2 Macks. Hit the switch, take your foot off the gas and let the engine take on the load without ever heating the brakes up. Cost wise it should pencil out about the same.
  9. easycareacres

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    A Jake brake, way to go havent seen or herd of them but sounds the go.
    I had slotted rotors replaced on my landcrusier as towing and alot better as heating on the rotor itself, the slots remove the heat and gases that constanly attracted.
  10. Eclipse

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    An exhaust brake is a good idea but only if he has a manual tranny. Exhaust brakes and auto trannies (at least the ones in light duty trucks) do not get along well.

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