Slow Pay Syndrome?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. MOturkey

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    I'm only part-time, and have only been in business 4 years, but so far have only gotten stiffed on one account, and normally have virtually no problem with slow payment.

    This year has been different. Several of my regular customers are slow with payment, and all but a couple of my new accounts are like pulling teeth to get the money out of. I, fortunately, am in a position where my day job pays the bills, and I have no payroll to meet, so if I eventually get the money, all is well, but it is a pain to have to contact people two or three times in order to collect.

    I'm just curious if any of you are experiencing the same phenomenan, or am I just the lucky one? :) I was wondering if inflation of food and gasoline prices, to name just a couple is simply making the budget tighter for lots of people.
  2. Mrs. H

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    We've been going through this for a couple of years. Usually we get paid eventually, but over the past 2 years I have had to right off Bad debts because they just weren't ever going to pay, skipped town, or filed bankrupcy.
  3. LawnBrother

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    I don't know if the heat is frying peoples' brains or what but I have seen way more than average late payers this year as opposed to years past. I used to have a due date, but I changed that and now all my invoices say "Due Upon Receipt" and that seems to have gotten people's attention. I am to the point I am sick of slow payers. I used to be lenient, but now anyone who gets more than a month behind more than a couple of times gets dropped. There is no room for slow payers on my schedule anymore. I have already done the work and extended credit for a month, I figure they need to pay up in a timely manner. I give them a warning, and then they're gone. Funny, I always seen to pick up a better account not long after I drop them....

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