Slow Raise when HOT !

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  1. ArcticSam

    ArcticSam LawnSite Member
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    Would anybody have any ideas as to why my Arctic pump(under hood) raises slowly and not as high when the pump gets warm.
    I am using hyd. plow oil (was using ATF but tried switching). Its an older unit, maybe '91 or '92 and has no problem with angling just the hoist when its warm. Maybe time for a rebuild? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. NEAL

    NEAL LawnSite Member
    from WI
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    Im not shure but I think I remember reading another post about this problem. I beleive that it was due to a worn out pump. Im sure someone here knows and will respond.

  3. Iceman

    Iceman LawnSite Member
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    Not real familar with Artic but I did use to have an older Fisher plow that had a belt driven pump under the hood. It required ATF fluid and after the first plow or two of the season, it also would slow down. Mine was a simple fix though by just tighting the belt. You probably tried that.(?)
  4. ArcticSam

    ArcticSam LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    Wish it were that simple. Its an elec pump.
  5. Deere John

    Deere John LawnSite Senior Member
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    Cochrane eh? I'm from North Bay. The local dealer will exchange your worn pump (no doubt about it) for $4-500. The price wuz $400 the last time I swapped one out for a rebuilt/exchange.

    You could call him at - Ask for and speak only to Jim. Load it on the bus ( keep your hoses and controler) and presto, no more problems. Tell him John sent you, and he will fix you up.
  6. ArcticSam

    ArcticSam LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    Great minds must think alike. I already called Jim and I'm getting him to send up a new pump and base. Got it for $367.
    Thanks for the reply.


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