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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grgrman, Nov 29, 2004.

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    If you had a slow release fertilizer that could release the exact nutrients needed for hybrid bermuda over a 5 mo. time frame beginning in the spring, how much of each nutrient(micros included) would you want to release each mo. to achieve maximum color and health. The pH is 6.1, the base sat. is in good shape and nothing is lacking with the micros. The slow release is temperature influenced(like polyon). Also, it would be interesting to know this for the fescue-related grasses. One more thing, the time frame would roughly be April/May through September for the bermuda.
    I would use a uf product for my nitrogen. Not many slow release material for p and k.

    Though some time ago you could purchase a poly coated sop, I believe it was poly coated!

    Since the majority of n for fescue should release in fall and winter, I don't think you would want a release period of 5 months. But, you may want a sop product that would release for3-5 months during the summer in the transition zone!
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    Thanks for the reply Tim. I have been talking with a sales rep. for Harrel's and they sell a line of controlled release fertilizer that has a "Reactive Layers Coating"; it is called Polyon and they claim that the coating meters out nutrients slowly, constantly, daily...for months at a time. It is regulated by soil temperature and the nutrients are released through osmosis. The Golf Course Superintendant here used it for 10 years and loves it; he says it is the best slow release he's ever used. Has anyone had any experience with this or know of anyone that has? They will custom blend it, too.
  4. Pursell manufacted a polyon fert line, and about 10 years ago, if they knew where you lived, they would perdict the release rate of the product you used based on local climite conditions and when you applied it. I don't remember if they where only poly coating the n, or all the nutrients in the bag? The coating thickness would very on the same analysis, so you got diferent release rates!

    grgrman, who makes this fert?

    Thanks for the pm!
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    The problem I see with this in respect to cool season grasses is that the hotter it is --the faster it is released. This is exactly when you do NOT want o be feeding your cool season grasses. For this reason -- I think you stil want to meter your nitrogen through at a bare minimum 3 seperate applications!

    I know there are a lots of new coated products that release the K slowly too -- kind of the new thing -- but with how stable K is -- not sure its neccessary.
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    That is who developed this technology, Pursell Technologies, Inc., and they are located in Sylacauga, Al. The best I can tell, Harrell's is a distributor and can custom blend the fertilizer. They have a plant in Norway, S.C. that serves your area. The concept is intrigueing and I would like to talk to more people that have used this. The way they say the release mechanism works seems to satisfy the "feed the turf in small amounts frequently strategy" that I have read on here during fertilizer discussions. Jeff, They have a rep. as far north as Michigan which makes me think that they would have some type of product designed for fescue. Simplot Turf used to sell it as far east as Arkansas, but something changed. Harrell's and Simplot Turf both have web sites.
  7. I could see using a polyon coated sop for a light feeding during the summer where cool season turf is under alot of stress, while applying a polyon coated nitrogen for a slow feed in the fall, winter time. A very small amount of n in late winter, early spring with a blend of quick and slow would also work!
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    I'm really surprised that nobody has had any experience with this type of fertilizer since it has been around for 10 or so years. Especially the higher end guys who specialize in quality.
  9. seems like so many guys use lesco, and they don't sell this fert, only something simialar!
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    Polyon can be to expensive thats why it is not used in LCO operations. It was originally designed for nursery's and is still considered to be the best in green house uses. Because inside the pot of a green house in the summer it can reach temperatures well above what we deal with. Purcell can make it release in 2 months all the way to 12 months and beyond. You could treat your lawns once in the spring and just return the rest of the year for weed and insect control. I have thought of doing this but you can tell the problems that you might run into.

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