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    I Recently Picked Up An Asv With An Izuzu 4jb1 4cyl Turbo Engine In It, After The Unit Sits A Little Bit More (than Three Hours) It Seems To Crank A Long Time Till It Fires. Other Than That Issue And A Parking Brake Switch That Acts Up, It Is A Great Machine. Any Info Would Be Great, Thanks For The Help
  2. Tigerotor77W

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    Is the battery nearing death?
  3. StoneStacker

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    What is the temperature outside? I know that the Isuzu has a good set of glow plugs.
  4. jd270

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    if your injection pump is loosing its prime it can cause that

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    the battery is ok i charged it for a day and still had the same effect, the temp outside is around 50 -60 degrees, i am begining to think it might be the glow plugs because i can smell fuel before it fires so i know the thing is atleast getting fuel. it doesnt seem to be losing prime because when i check the manual pump to prime it it still has pressure. The fuel lines are beggining to crack a little so i am goin to replace them, just to eliminate future problems
    thanks for all the help guys, this site rocks

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    While you are cranking, can you see white or unburned smoke comming from the exhaust? If not you have a fuel problem. After you replace the fuel filters, check the transfer pump and the injection pump. If those are putting out to spec the culprit is probably fuel injectors, assuming the lines that are in the machine are not sucking air some how, but if that occured you would here missing when it ran.

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    I Think I Have Found Part Of The Problem, When I Removed The Fuse Panel Cover All Of The Connections To The Relays Were Corroded And Loose, I Repaired Them Best I Could This Morning In The Field And It Seems To Start Much Better, And The Parking Brake Works Properly Now. When I First Had The Trouble Though, I Would See A White To Light Blue Colored Smoke Coming From The Exhaust As I Cranked The Engine.

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