Small 6x6 timber wall after some excavation - please critque for future projects

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by hiringus, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. hiringus

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    I like seeing people tear apart others projects.. Just curious besides the choice of play equipment the homeowners had installed what would you have done differently in this scenario? The existing ground sloped down to just in front of the tot lot chips from the bottom of the fence it all had to be removed and leveled for the play equipment.





    NIXRAY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Perhaps a nice brick/stone pad w/bult in fire ring or maybe a outdoor kitchen?
  3. hiringus

    hiringus LawnSite Member
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    Some completed photos. Homeowners and more importantly the kids absolutely loved the end result!




  4. hiringus

    hiringus LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I figured once the young kids outgrew it there is always a possibility to convert to something a bit more grown up with the usable space it created. Remove that tot lot chip layer, add an inch or so of sand and you could lay pavers right on that base.
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  5. amscapes03

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    Construction looks good, nice clean cuts. Not sure about the codes in your area, but the wall looks a little close to the ladder. Looks good!
  6. LB1234

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    good thing is you have the dead man although I'm not sure enough. I dont know what type of hydrostatic pressure is there but I would consider some weepholes if no drainage was placed behind there.

    also, you may want to think about getting a router (sp?) and putting a beveled or 45 or something on it so when the kids fall and hit those 6x6s cause there so close they will be less likely to bust there head open...just a concussion hopefully.
  7. hiringus

    hiringus LawnSite Member
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    Yeah there is 4 inch drain behind the wall sloped down to the right back corner than down to the far left and day lighted way to the left right past the mulch and fence. The deadmans were shorter than originally planned but the soil was just so compacted(clay) it was taking forever by hand after the initial excavation. They have a spike of rebar 3 feet long on both ends into the wood layer below and making a better grab into the clay side.

    I hear what you guys are saying about the ladder I had prepped the area right up till the last day for them to install that part and came in and saw the configuration and shook my head. I did explain it to the homeowners and really after showing the kids once they stay on the inside of that ladder and monkey bar across the swings to the little loft area. Originally the playset installers had the far left ladder on the backside by that other wall and I moved it to the front. For the price they paid to level a playset they should have just hired us to make them a playset as well they were sold that set under the impression it would be "hardwood" it clearly is not. And yes I did tell them.
  8. Rocha_Construction

    Rocha_Construction LawnSite Member
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    I was thinking the same.

    I would have given the steps a couple more feet of clearance at least just in case one of the kids slip.

    Otherwise, nice simple design and well executed.
  9. BrandonV

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    i don't see how the kids can use the monkey bars anyways with the swings hanging in the way.. just jettison the ladder
  10. zedosix

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    Pressure treated lumber with cyanide in the preservatives. Good choice for a kiddy environment.

    Besides that...
    Well done (couple more tiebacks maybe) but srw block would of been even better.

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