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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ric, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Ric

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    I don't normally post or read in this forum because Florida Landscape and northern Landscape is so different.

    I was looking for small Lift that would not tear up turf for small installs and Plant or tree replacement.

    A few month ago we bought an old Jacobson Trim King Triplex greens mower from the school broad for $35.00. Yep it ran great but the reels were rusted up bad. These mowers are very available because they are only used on sports turf.

    we welded a motor lift on the front and made outriggers with caster wheels all hydraulic operated. Total cost of parts was $1,500. About 50 man hours of labor.

    First day I used it, it paid for itself. Planted a 16 ft. AO Royal palm with a yard of root ball. Also Torn out 15 year old shrubs like pulling weeds. Never had to fix the turf.
  2. lugnut#6

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    so what is a good southern forum?:D :cool:
  3. Ric

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    None I know of
  4. BRL

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    Sounds cool. Can you post any pictures of it? I don't know... Pulling out old shrubs and planting a tree sounds just like our Yankee landscaping work, just the plant material may have looked a little different. ;)
  5. Henry

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    I know what you mean with the North/ South thing. I've had customers who watch HGTV and want plants they've seen but don't realize the show is taped in the South and it won't survive a cold winter. Or why do you need a 6" base for the walkway? I saw a guy do it on HGTV and he just used sand on dirt.

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