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Gulf Shores, AL
This question may guarantee my placement in the Bozo Hall of Fame, but here goes.<p>Has anyone in this forum used the Small Business Administration (SBA) to purchase equipment such as Zs, walk behinds, trailers, trucks, etc?<p>I visited the SBA web page, and the best I can figure, one would need to be a lawyer just to get through the paperwork to apply for SBA backing. <p>Just wondering if anybody had a positive experience with the SBA or has even attempted?<br><p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac<br>


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Knoxville, TN
Damn, hell no! But, I think that you are a genius! I've used SBA for a few other things and you know what, I've never thought of using them for this thing of ours (boy, does that make me look like I'm in the mafia or what!) I think I'll look into that further! Might be new trailer and mower time in Tennessee! (sorry John Ward.)


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I didn't use them, But my local bank suggested that i try them when i was just geting started. My bank was going to do the whole thing with them for me. Try your bank and see if they can help you. Good Luck<p>----------<br>Dave<br>3B's Lawn Care Service

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