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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dh500, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Potchkins

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    just be VERY CAREFUL with that yellow chain !
  2. dh500

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    Hi Josh
    I finished up getting the Stihl MS192T and I am very happy with it. It is nice and light but it is obviously not suitable for heavy work like reducing a complete tree to firewood.

    I do not know anything about "yellow" and "green" chains... I was not given a choice of colour.

    I asked for an extra chain with the machine and on the box the salesman wrote 44DL 38 Pico Mini

    Printed on the box is a table of sharpening angles for a bewildering array of different chains - none of which seem to match up with the chain inside.

    Does anybody fully understand Stihl's chain nomenclature?
  3. Grassmechanic

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    The number in front of DL is the # of drive links in the chain loop. The rest are as follows:

    First # on chain is Pitch (distance between 3 rivets divided by 2)

    Pitch #
    1 = 1/4"
    2 = 325"
    3 = 3/8"
    4 = .404"
    5 = Stihl Picco (3/8" extended)

    2nd # is Gauge (located on drive link)

    1 = .043
    3 = .050
    5 = .058
    6 = .063
    0 =.080

    3rd # is cutter type

    P = Picco
    R = Rapid

    4th # is cutter shape

    C = Comfort (low vibe)
    D = Duro (carbide)
    DS = Duro Special (carbide)
    M = Micro (semi chisel)
    S = Super (full chisel)

    5th # is Special

    1 = triple humped tie strap
    2 = " " " "
    3 = single humped tie strap
    F = Full skip
    H = Semi skip
    L = Square ground
    K = classic cutter
    N = narrow
    S = special
  4. josh1981

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    yellow chain is most agressive chain you can get. green chain is safety chain- less agressive.

    IE. I cut through a hardwood stump in about 1 1/2 min with yellow chain. Would be about 3 or so with green chain.
  5. josh1981

    josh1981 LawnSite Senior Member
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    yes, lol. I am being very careful. I do have protective pants, gloves, forestry helmet, protective shirt.
  6. thecuttingedgelawn

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    My friend has the MS 192T and he loves it. I have the 200T and only difference is the 200 has more power and torque and can handle a bit bigger bar. The 192 is considered the little brother of the two, but still a very good saw. Top handled saws are the way to go with brush and limbing small stuff, you can run them one handed(very well balanced) if you know what your doing, they are light and ravage alot of limbs in a hurry.

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