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Sending someone to collections can also screw their credit. Even a $30 unpaid collection. We've gotten more older payments in this year because I am guessing these people are trying to buy or sell houses. That $30 unpaid balance on collections is a no go for closing on your home. Your $30 or $300 collection can hold up their home closing indefinitely until it's paid. We have a few 5 and 6 year old collections actually get paid this year.

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In my county court costs are $90. I took a customer to court over $50. Yes I paid $90 to take a customer to court over $50. The customer was dirty for not paying my bill. The court ruled in my favor and the customer had to reimburse me the court costs and paid the bill. Over the years I have let more money go than $50, I just did not want to deal with it. The court process was actually pretty easy. I was also very happy to have won my first court case and see the look on her face.


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I once had an elderly neighbor ask me to do his driveway and sidewalk in the winter. As he knew he was declining.
Well,he had to go to the nursing home mid winter. I got a call from his SiL one day questioning the bill.
We talked about it and I ended up telling him,
"Look, I've got people that I don't even like who owe me thousands of dollars, and some of them will never pay it all.
If I'm out a few hundred bucks for helping out Bob who has been a friend for over 10 years. I'm ok with that."

From that conversation I got the parking lot and sidewalks at the Catholic Church/ school where his wife was principal and the lot at his business.

Over the years we had some contract negotiations and when we would talk, he would pull out a file, my file, I got a chance to peek at it once when a customer came in and he left the office.
He had the invoice from his FiL with his notes in there and what I had said with all the other stuff.

Every customer of mine,got a file after that.

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