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    Lawncare is also labor, which according to my link it is legal to file a lien.

    Surveying property is not an improvement, yet it is legal to file a lien for failure to pay for surveying services. I know its listed in the law explicitly, but do you honestly think they could add every single service known to man in a law regarding liens?

    It doesn't really matter what you think anyway, people lien real property for services rendered, and not paid here in GA.
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    I have not passed the bar, and I am not an attorney.

    I study law as a hobby. Weird hobby, but at one point I had a desire to be an attorney. I have many friends that are attorneys, and some of us meet once a week (most weeks) to discuss these types of issues. Because I own a lawncare company, and the idea of filing mechanics liens interested me, I studies this issue extensively,and talked about it with my business attorney and my circle of friends. So, thats my background. I would have argued the same if I had never come across the article that you speak of, I found it searching for a summary to back myself up because I did not feel like digging enough to find accredited information.

    I realize that state laws differ, but for mechanics liens, I have read the summary in every state. They are almost all the same verbatim.

    I'm not going to debate the issue anymore. I will not change my position without someone posting some solid evidence. Like I stated before, I enjoy debating this sort of thing, and I hope there are no hard feelings, but I feel like I posted everything I've had to to defend my position.

    I understand that your position is also not going to change, and thats fine. Were never going to be in front of a Judge to see it play out, and really, we didn't even have a scenario that we were making points on, although I am assuming a scenario involving a lawncare company filing a lien for lawn mowing or similar maintenance not paid for.

    Seriously, its been fun but maybe even taken a little to far. I hope you guys have a great fall season (and get paid for everything!):drinkup:

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