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Discussion in 'Employment' started by swing blade, May 17, 2005.

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    Hi I am based out of the harrison Ohio area( sw side of cincinnati, Ohio) I run a 2 man outfit. we operate with a 1/2 ton truck and 18' tandem axle trailer. I have an exmark 48" metro wb, blowers, and weedeaters. We work mostly in the SE Indiana area, Ripley, Franklin, dearborn, and Ohio counties. Most of our work is landscape install, and maintenance work. We had several large projects planned for the season but customers backed out due to their budgets not being able to afford the work once the cost of fuel went up. I am a current student at cincinnati state where i am majoring in the landscape horticulture field. With the loss of some of our larger projects we are looking for anything and everything to do to make up the difference. We are interested in working as a subcontractor/independant contractor. PM me or call me if we can help you out. My cell number is 513-254-1688

    Thanks Guys

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