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  1. HOMER

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    I got my new issue of LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT magazine today and they were profiling 3 differnt companys. One was Davey Tree Expert Co., 2000 revenue was $315,000,000.00. Not too bad huh?

    The next guy was considered a medium company and did not disclose his revenue---------wonder why?

    The next guy was a small contractor in Dallas, Four Square Landscaping Co., has 18 employees and grossed $1,000,000.00!

    If he is small then what the heck am I? Homer's Micro-mini Landscaping Co. You have to make a million a year to be considered small, I don't get it.

    Maybe my 5 yr plan will be to make it to a trade magazine in the "small" category. or maybe I'll move to Dallas cause there ain't no million a year in my future!
  2. bob

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    Homer, Maybe they'll profile companies like ours on the back of a match book!
  3. gusbuster

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    I think the catergory goes from $0 to 1,000,000.:)
  4. 65hoss

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    We may be small but we have "BIG" mowers :)
  5. pcs

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    Hey HOMER. Is that Davey Tree in Canada?
  6. Skookum

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    I hope to someday be a small company. I guess I am like Homer, I am a micro lawn care company.
  7. T.C.O.B.

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    The U.S. goverment considers any company employing less than five hundred people a small business. Whew! thats alot of grass to be cutting.
  8. HOMER

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    The magazine says Davey Tree Experts, Chantily, Va.
    They have the contract to maintain Arlington cemetary!
    135 workers during peak season
    mow more than 100 acres a day-rain or shine
    remove 300 loads of leaves each year
    lay 60,000 sq.ft. of sod each year!

    they own a school bus which hauls employees and string trimmers.
  9. Indiana

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    I guess I'm the same as you guys. I'm micro as well.

    I never had understood the term small business. Seems like more and more there "small businesses" grossing $1 mil or more. I have a hard time doing over $100K. Most years its like $60K - 70K gross.

    I would hope if I did $1 mil I wouldn't have the income to debt ratio that I have now. If bid debt comes with big incomes than I don't want it.
  10. Guest
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    About 2 years ago i needed to buy a truck cause my old pickup wasnt doing it anymore. So I looked into getting loans and stuff like that. I tied to apply for the American Express Small Buis card, I dont know if you guys seen the commercial of a landscape architect neede to grow so he went to American Express bla bla .Now I showed gross of about 140,000 a year and they denied.I looked into small buis loans from state and federal and i know they consider min 500,000 as a small buis.I cant figure it out either.

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