Small Difference in loaders

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Jamesgateslandscaping, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Man at least you have a loader. I could really use that deere!
  2. bradd

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    im in walker michigan im brad im 16 and own and run brads lawn care i currently mow 9 lawns well get back to me soon tttul brad
  3. RedWingsDet

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    dude what the hell are you doing going in peoples threads and posting the same crap? its not a big deal if u do it in one thread, but 2 or 3 threads? comon man.

    Its quite funny though, I get a good chuckle out of it....

    If you want to talk to people, private message them, we all hijack threads, but not multiple threads at a time.

    $hit, now I just basically hijacked james thread, haha.
  4. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    Mark-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...Hes done it to like 10 of them....

    Debt-I only have loans on the new dump and loader and my 2500HD is a lease. I know my cost and charge accordingly:dizzy: . The plan is to have atleast one of them new pieces of equipment paid off by the end of the season if not both if we do really well:weightlifter: ...gotta pay myself to though. Everything else, it has been paid for in cash...all the trailers, mowers, etc, cash. The John Deere is my Fathers, except I purchased the loader. The goal for this business is to try and stay as debt free as possible, but sometime you have to spend it in order to make it.
    Dump Truck should be here next week, will post pics then.
    Thanks guys
  5. Dstosh

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    Loans On the Dump and Loader would be what 60 Grand, Thats still a ton of money. But if you can manage that, Awesome. How come you chose NH, When we looked at NH, The fenders were plastic and the big orange seemed to be a little better built. Is it gear driven or Hydro? Either way i dont think you can go wrong. Gear driven gives you more power but hydro is a whole hell of a lot eaiser. To each his own. Nice Stuff, Good Luck

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