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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by GrassTec, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. GrassTec

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    I'm looking at taking a small engine class so I can learn how to troubleshoot in someone's yard if I break down? Can any one point me in the correct direction, I looked at the local community college but I didn't see anything like that. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Restrorob

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    I don't believe you'd find it under "small engine", This is a college...... Look for Golf Course Equipment Management or other fancy headings.

    You might check with local high schools, Many moons ago I attended a Technical Trade high school from grades 10 to 12...... But the best learn'n is hands on......

    Good Luck
  3. dutch1

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    My advice is much like Rob's. Being in the St. Louis vicinity, I'd think there should be several post high school Vocational Technical schools in the area--look around a bit to see what they may have to offer. Most of the Vo-Tech schools I'm familiar with offer night classes as well.
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  4. piston slapper

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    If you want to learn at your own speed...there are a lot of books you can read..
    Most of what you will learn in the schools...other than the Briggs and Kohler factory somewhat antiquated..
    Mostly technology from the last century...While understanding the basics builds a good foundation for your probably won't help too much when diagnosing these newer emmision compliant engines..They're different....
    If you have good mechanical may serve you well to spend a month or two researching the archives on this forum..there's a ton of good useful information that is mower and engine specific...and its Free...
  5. 123hotdog

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    Best of luck with your search. I am in upper East Tennessee. I can't find one class, vocational school, technical school, community college, university, or otherwise. I have learned more on this site in a few month than I have in six years of mowing. Restro Rob and Piston Slapper are really knowledgeable and have allot of helpful responses.:usflag:
  6. ztman

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    x2:clapping: Experience is the best teacher. You tube is also a great source of info.
  7. Richard Martin

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    PennFoster has a nice online program. I did it about 7 years ago just to reinforce what I already knew. I did need some additional education with electrical issues and it did help out a bit. I can't think of anybody that wouldn't benefit from additional education.
  8. BigFish

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    Along the lines of what 'Slapper said: Just enter the make of your engine in the "search " area below yer name in the "Welcome" panel, and study up on whats avail here for free. Lot of good info to be had.

    You'll find videos on youtube that covers a lot of stuff, but I gotta tell ya, most of the vids I've looked at are not all that good or accurate! But I'm sure you can glean sumpin' from em.

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