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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Dec 7, 2000.

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    As you may have read, I had a Tecumseh engine throw the rod thru the block on my 97 Toro snowblower 2 weeks ago. Since Toro contracted with Tecumseh it became extremely difficult for me to find a replacement engine for this snowblower.

    My Toro dealer even tried to sell me the wrong replacement. I tried no less than 10 different sources short of calling Toro and Tecumseh when I found Roy Padgetts Small Engine Warehouse. ( ).

    They had the EXACT engine that I needed and it even had the Toro stickers on it. The engine was shipped the day of order and it came UPS in a box filled with expanded foam that would have resisted an elephant sitting on it.

    I am not affiliated with this company at all but I am really happy with the service and want to pass this along to any of you folks that may need a replacement engine. Good Luck
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    Hello Mow Ed:

    Roy Padgetts Small Engine Warehouse.

    They have been one of my sponsors for a while & I've hard nothing but good about them. They have excellent prices, they ship fast & of course they have excellent customer service!
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    GrassMaster wrote:

    <b><i>They have excellent prices</b></i>

    Except for the Kawasaki and Briggs engines. Their price on the 17 hp Kaw twin is $150.00 more than Alamia's prices and $100.00 more than Landscaper Supply. Their Briggs prices leave something to be desired too at $625.00 plus muffler ($100.00) and shipping ($50.00)for the 16 twin. For $20.00 more you can get the 17 Kaw twin from Alamia.

    They do seem to have an excellant selection of engines though and if you need something that you can't find anywhere else they would be the people to see.
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    I did forget to say that I saw the Grassmasters link there.

    Pretty cool.

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