Small First Year. GOING BIG second year

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lnc94211, Jul 19, 2011.

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    A little about myself, I am a 20 yr. old college student majoring in business management and a minor in turf management. I have worked with grass all my life working on a golf course and lawn care since i was 16 and have a HUGE passion for it.

    I started my lawn care this year.(Lisc. and Ins.) Due to some very unfortunate deaths in my family i finally got the money to be able to start up and give my dream a try. I bought all my equipment and is payed off in full so nothing to pay off.

    The only advertisement i did was late in this spring with going door to door and word of mouth. I have about 15 yards i maintain on a weekly basis. Im not looking to expand this year but take whatever comes my way.

    Basically what i want to do is, grow my business as big as i can starting this next mowing season. Goal of at least 50 res. yards and maybe some commercial.

    I am looking to spend about $7500 to use on advertisement and marketing next year, can use more if necessary. and will have the money for equipment as i grow also.


    1. If you where in my position, what would you do with the money to grow your business ? What kind of advertisment ?

    2. What advertisement works best

    3. How can i make my advertisement stand out from the other Joe's out there.
    4. Whens the best time to use some Mass Marketing ( Fall, Feb-Apr ?)
    5. How do i go about getting commercial properties ? Totally Lost in that area

    Basically I need a sense of direction of growing from step 1 to taking that leap of being a legitimate recognized business.

    Thank you for all input and advice.
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    My suggestion is to take all your questions, and just start reading through every other article in this forum. There are tons and tons of conversations that start just like this thread you have started. If you still have more specific questions, there are plenty of people that will be more than happy to answer, but to get your best information....just start going through threads and read the ones that apply to you.

    Not going to lie, that's how I got started on this very website. You won't believe the amount of information you'll be able to pick up. There is some of the information that won't apply to you, but just knowing stuff is always a good thing.
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    Have you put your very detailed business plan together? This is step one. There are tons of resources out there for people starting a small business, this site is one that has helped me with a lot and I do mean a lot with the industry specifics, I wish I had found it earlier I could have avoided a lot of my early mistakes. Get your business plan together and it should include a marketing plan as well, I went to my local SBDC and they will practically hold your hand through the process. That will be your guide as your business develops and grows. Good luck, it sounds like your on the right track.

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